We co-create
value with talent.

Digital transformation consulting

WillDom's dream was born from the idea of connecting opportunities by helping US tech companies work with developers from all throughout Latin America.

This way, we provide a great opportunity for companies in search of great talent, while bringing the most challenging and cutting-edge projects to talented teams across Latin America.

Through our web-based platform, we centralize the collaboration and communications so each team member can see the value they are contributing and the way it is channeled and enhanced by the rest of the team.

In many respects, technology can be a great equalizer. It’s our goal to become an indispensable global hub that connects companies and talent in a quick, efficient manner.


To democratize the software industry impacting people’s lives.


To engage and empower the best talent around the world by developing technology and relationships to create unique professional and economic opportunities.

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Juan Quiroga

Advisor to the Board of Directors
22+ years' working in finance

Juan was previously managing director at CarVal. Juan set up, developed and expanded the business over Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay. At WillDom, he guides with strategic business advice for an effective growth strategy and adaptation.

Eduardo Caride

Experienced Board of Directors Member
28+ years' working in the telecommunications industry

Eduardo’s most recent executive role was CEO at Telefonica Hispano-America. Prior to this role, he held several positions in Argentina, USA, and Spain within the Telefonica Group. He has participated in several start-up companies as an investor and board member. He is part of the advisory board at WillDom.

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Our Leadership

Andres Perea

Co-Founder & Strategy Director
12+ years' building meaningful relationships and strategic opportunities.

Javier Ibañez-Padilla

Co-Founder & Business & Operations Director
15+ years' building outstanding customer experiences.

Martin Suarez-Viacava

Co-Founder & Growth Director
13+ years' leading tech-based companies from idea inception to growth stage.

Mariano Morales

Partner & Product and Technology Director
15+ years' transforming ideas into well-engineered, customer-centric products.

Mauricio Quevedo

Managing Director | WillDom El Salvador
25+ years' establishing alliances with clients and managing successful strategies.

Laura Espejo

Managing Director | WillDom Buenos Aires - Argentina
20+ years' creating a strong partnership with clients and team members.

Ivan Jordan

Managing Director | WillDom Bolivia
10+ years' managing strategic objectives to achieve business goals.

Vanessa Cañete

Managing Director | WillDom Paraguay
10+ years’ helping clients to meet their biggest technology challenges.

Martín Marlatto

Managing Director | WillDom Santa Fe - Argentina
14+ years' identifying clients and projects, guiding them to the best solutions.

Vinicio Bolaños Puente

Managing Director | WillDom Ecuador
20+ years' collaborating with clients, enabling them to achieve the best results.

Christian Cox

Managing Director | WillDom Orlando
8+ years leading product development projects, providing strategic direction to clients.

Andrea Iriart

Head of Treasury
25+ years' successfully supervising company operations and finances.

Monica Saavedra

Head of Marketing
10+ years' creating meaningful brands and successful marketing initiatives.

Fernando Rodríguez Conti

Head of Finance
20+ years' improving and optimizing administration processes and financial models.

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Nishant Panchal

Co-Founder & CTO | Noteworth
“WillDom’s team has been a critical part of our success. Having access to such a vast talent pool, WillDom has allowed us to staff our team with top engineers and execute our projects faster than ever. The quality and professional warmth of WillDom’s team made a real difference to the success of the project."