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continuous development

Benefits of Continuous Development

There are so many styles you can use to guide your development process, and continuous development is a very common one.

best language for game development

Best Language for Game Development

One question that comes to mind is what language you should use when creating a new project. There are many available, but...

benefits of big data in healthcare

The Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare

Despite understanding that there are clear benefits of big data in healthcare, clinicians and healthcare administrators wonder how to optimize those benefits. 


What Are Our Clients Saying About WillDom?

Winners of the Clutch Leaders Award as Argentina’s Finest Staff Augmentation Partner for 2022, Bolivia’s Top-Ranking B2B Companies for 2022, and Ecuador’s...

php vs python

Reviewing PHP vs Python

While both are good choices for beginners, let’s look at PHP vs Python so you can determine which is best for your...

metaverse developer

What is a metaverse developer?

Just as the metaverse itself can be tricky to conclusively define, it can also be difficult to articulate precisely what a metaverse...


No-Code, No Problem

Proceed with caution because low-code is on the rise. Much like every other aspect of science and tech, the software development industry...

hybrid project management

What is hybrid project management?

There are several ways in which project managers take the helm, and many are commonly used every day. Some managers even combine...

rfid in healthcare

Benefits of RFID in Healthcare

While RFID technology is not new (first showed up after World War II), it is still finding new and useful applications in...

Tech Trends

The 6 tech trends we’ll see in 2023

The WillDom team values in-depth comprehension of what is taking place in the market to operate and deliver quality year-round. Having kept...

rfp software

What is RFP Software?

Handcrafting and managing each one is a struggle that can eat away at your time. Luckily, RFP software was made to help...

php backend

Is PHP Backend or Frontend?

One language that has a very well-known task is PHP backend development. PHP backend has a degree of speculation as to whether or...

Software problems

7 Most Common Software Problems

The bad news: software problems happen all the time. The good news: in most cases, you can avoid them fairly easily! We’ve...

how to screen java developer

How to Screen Java Developers?

Let’s talk about how to screen Java developers. You want to hire a master of the language without learning it yourself, so...

what is java testing

What is Java testing?

Since its foundation, more than 20 years ago, Java continues to be one of the most used programming tools by developers.Of course,...

software delivery

Software delivery best practices

Every, or nearly every, company wishing to remain relevant is aware of the need for a digital footprint. Software delivery process refinement...

network applications

3 Types of Network Applications

Communication and the ability to share information builds strong teams and better projects. So when entering into the development space, you should...

java testing frameworks

Top 5 Java Testing Frameworks of 2022

Why do you need java testing frameworks? Because you must test your software before you release it. We know, it’s exciting to...

citizen development

Benefits of Citizen Development

Citizen development isn’t for everyone but it can be an absolute game changer for the right business. Here at WillDom, we believe...

big data in retail

Benefits of Big Data in Retail

By using big data in retail, masters can hone in on a buyer’s wants and deliver direct messages, products, or advertisements. With...