10 Best IDEs for Beginners

best IDEs for beginners

Finding the best IDEs for beginners using Python can be overwhelming. We remember, we were beginners once too! Here at WillDom, we’ve got hundreds of combined years of experience programming solutions if you’d like a helping hand. But if you’re ready to dive in yourself, let’s start with a few definitions and explanations.  

What is the Best IDE for Beginners? 

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is software that helps programmers write code. An IDE generally makes the processes of coding faster, easier, and more efficient. 

The best IDE for beginners isn’t the same as the best overall IDE. Some can feel bloated, overwhelming, or too specialized for initial learning.

How Do IDEs Make Coding More Efficient? 

1. Source Code Editor/Programming Text Editor. This editor understands the context and syntax of your programming language. It uses colors to highlight key sections, making reading and editing your code easier.

2. Build Automation Tools. This feature can automate processes – compile your source code to machine code, turn your source code into a program, package binary code, and then run tests. 

3. Debugger. Find and remove potential or existing errors. The strength of IDE debuggers can vary. Generally, they allow viewing memory, running the program to a breakpoint, and changing variables to some degree.

What is Python? 

A high-level, object-oriented programming language. It is versatile in that it can be used to create anything from websites to software to data analysis tools. Though it’s “high-level” it is also beginner-friendly and a great place to start. 

Here are some examples of Python-produced programs: business apps, machine learning, data visualization, interactive game development, algorithms, 3D/CAD plots, data science, desktop GUI, and much more.

Before we get too carried away with the project possibilities, read on to learn more about the whys and whats as well as our best Python IDE for Beginners picks in 2022.

The Best Python IDE for Beginners Depends on Your…

-Environment or Operating System
-Skill Level
-Interface Preference

The 10 Best IDE for Python Beginners

  1. PyCharm

It is our top pick for the best IDE for beginners because PyCharm does it all and gives you room to grow without learning a new IDE.

Among the benefits, we find: 
-User-friendly and has a community for live support.
-View all of your source code easily.
-From web dev to scripting, PyCharm can do it all.
-Freemium (Start for free. Go to a paid professional version for $249 per year to access more features).

  1. IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment)

IDLE is our second pick for the best IDE for beginners. If you’re feeling intimidated by other models, stick with the basics until you’re ready.

This one is:

-Specialized for Python.
-Basic and uncomplicated, with fewer features but less overwhelming.
-Mostly a practice tool for devs working on their own projects.
-Comes free with Python.

  1. Pydev

Pydev is a plugin so you can pair Python with Eclipse. Yes, Eclipse isn’t just for Java anymore!

This one has the following advantages:

-Shines with code analysis and debugging.
-If you love Eclipse, this is the bridge for you.
-Compatible with IronPython, CPython, and Jython.
-It is free.

  1. Jupyter

If you’re working in data science, Jupyter might be the go-to IDE for beginners. It is:

-Easy to use across a collaborating team.
-Useful for combining images with code.
-Easy to see your results and your code at the same time.

  1. Sublime Text

Simple, functional, and used for over 44 programming languages, Sublime Text. It is:

-Designed to solve the “my interface is in the way” problem.
-Quick & doesn’t use a lot of resources.
-Able to work on several projects at once in different windows.
-Free download, license fee required after trial starting at $99 per year.

  1. Thonny

A step up from IDLE, Thonny is a great learning toolkit for beginners so it can not be left out of fail on being on the list off best IDE for beginners. It has the following advantages:

-Designed to help teach and learn Python.
-Simple interface, low memory usage.
-Option for basic interface or functional interface when you’re ready.

  1. Wing

Wing’s strength is that you can configure the interface to your needs. If you like editors like Visual Studio or vim, Wing can be customized to have the same feel.

-Makes it easy to navigate through your code.
-Great support for remote development.
-Immediate code feedback.
-30-day free trial followed by a licensing fee of around $179+ per month.

  1. Spyder

If you’re a data analyst, engineer, or scientist, this is the best IDE for beginners and for you. It’s an excellent data-interactive and image-capable system. It is:

-Open source, written in Python.
-Plugins available to tailor your experience.
-Swap out variables seamlessly.

  1. Visual Studio Code

This IDE is a web and cloud project powerhouse owned by Microsoft. Visual Studio Code is:

-Optional no-distractions-interface mode that even hides your desktop.
-Free marketplace with extensions.
-Helpful real-time pop-up suggestions and code completion.
-Costs between $45 and $250 per month.

  1. PyScripter

For beginners, PyScripter is a great starting point. Currently, there’s no pro version but for basics, it gets the job done. Its advantages are:

-Open-source with unit testing integration.
-Low memory usage with Windows.
-Lightweight, speedy, and a great debugger.

The best IDE for beginners depends on your goals, background, and your budget. We know you’ll find the perfect fit for you on our list. You’ve got this! 

If you need inspiration or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at WillDom or on our LinkedIn. Creating and collaborating for better software is our passion and we will help you with your project and in finding the best IDE for beginners. Happy coding in your shiny new IDE!

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