5 Industries Where AI is Used

Industries where AI is used

AI has become more and more of a helpful tool as businesses have begun to invest in and study its full potential. Industries using AI are making huge strides in the realm of efficiency and freedom of time for their employees. Menial tasks can be automated or heavily assisted which allows focus to go to the important tasks.

AI can also speed up employee pathways by tracking time, tool usage and so many more pieces of data. All of this comes together to show where expenses are needed and what aspects of the business are extraneous. 

The incredible help of AI is easy to understate, so instead of explaining it, today we will show you how leading industries use AI to build a better business. Let’s begin…

Where is AI Being Used In Healthcare

Though slightly controversial, healthcare is one of the industries where AI is used. It can be a tool for many different tasks, such as diagnosis and symptom research. AI has helped nurses and doctors find symptoms of diseases and forms of cancer that they would never be able to find otherwise. It can not only detect these rare and hidden dangers, but it can use huge databases to find convergent symptoms that inevitably lead to health problems accurately.

Areas of healthcare that use AI generally help patients see care faster and allow nurses and doctors to help them more accurately. A simple example is AI assistance with scheduling. Here, bookings, and patient outreach are automated as AI makes the entire process more simple and more effective while minimizing errors humans don’t always see. 

Where Ai is Being Used In Advertising

In advertising, there is a very human expectation that needs to be anticipated. Writers have to create content and pieces that appeal to viewers while moving them toward a sale. But what if AI could make things faster and more safe for investors?

Advertising is one of the newest industries where AI is used and it is one that imitates humanity the closest. Predictive text can fill in imperfections in copy and entire pieces can be synthesized around keywords. This makes content generation fast but is still something that needs time to be fully realized. 

Another way the advertising industry is looking to expand into AI usage is with what we will call “predictive crowds.” The idea is that an AI will be created that can pick out winning copies and show how much of a market effect it will cause for a brand. This alone would give copywriting and content creation a new edge as a writer could physically prove how strong their piece is, with science.

Manufacturing And Its AI Uses

Arguably, AI was perfectly made for the manufacturing industry. No longer needing to have rooms full of workers making repetitive motions is always an improvement. Also with AI, factories can get near-perfect products replicated over and over again.

Recently, some manufacturing companies have even gone so far as to have AI fully lead assembly lines and even manage one another. This data loop creates one where the most minor imperfection can be noticed and fixed, well beyond human possibility. 

The real benefit of this all is the allowance for specialized and experienced workers to be implemented where they will matter most. They can work on meaningful pieces, design a more efficient system and much more. The human aspect can focus more on how to improve what is being made and how those projects can better serve others, not just spinning gears and bolts.

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Transportation Is An AI King

As one of the leading public industries where AI is used, transportation has become one of the “homes” of AI. With self-driving and self-diagnosing cars slowly trying to take over the roads, we may even see a near future where humans regularly interact with full AI companion vehicles.

One large example of AI in the transportation industry is self-driving cars. These vehicles constantly watch and react to changes on the road to safely traverse the road. They have mountains of code and data intake to do this seamlessly and even conquer highways. 

Some cars, or accessories to cars, can diagnose problems with a car faster than some mechanics. These save drivers thousands of dollars in check-up fees and allow companies that have large construction vehicles to quickly repair and keep the project moving.

Finance Has Always Wanted AI

Economists and stock brokers have always wanted to be clairvoyant. With AI, they can get a bit closer. As today’s last industry where AI is used, it is a pretty simple one.

With years of data and values from across the world, the finance industry can make incredibly detailed and accurate predictions without seeing the day’s reports. They won’t be perfect of course, but they will be widely usable. 

Banks can also use AI to help individuals track their own habits and better use their accounts. By arming users with their own AI assistants, banks often report safer and more educated bank reports for their clients. 

Now you know more about industries where AI is used! If you want to keep learning, check out our website or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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