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Building a talent network may seem like a hassle when considering the never-ending possibilities that come along with recruitment. However, engaging with a thriving team of professionals whose skills and expertise match your projects is a guarantee of success. 

While filling up job openings quickly is one of its many benefits, there are more aspects to think about. So, whether you’re searching for new prospects or looking to maintain your talent community, having a strategy is key. Let’s go through 5 tips for boosting your talent network’s success.

First things first, what is a talent network?

A talent network is a group of independent professionals that managers can go to for projects or roles within their organizations. From a recruiting perspective, this type of strategy allows companies to foresee hiring needs by connecting with potential talent beforehand. Creating a database of eligible candidates who align with the company’s values and required skill sets can significantly enhance the application processes. 

Now, how is this talent network built? Well, this community may include:

  • Prior applicants who already went through the selection process and are a good fit for the company.
  • Professionals who are actively seeking a position within the organization.
  • Independent talent who previously collaborated on the company’s projects and are familiar with the work environment.
  • Prospects referred by the company’s current work team.

Why build a talent network?

On the surface, it may seem like building a talent community is just a way to shortlist applicants. Saves you time, saves you money, and the job gets done, right?

Although fulfilling administrative tasks way more quickly is a plus, talent networks are more than that. They represent an initiative where loyalty is created between both businesses and professionals from all over the world. Moreover, this allows talent acquisition specialists to go through valuable information regarding applicants, as a result customizing the hiring processes and profiles.

How to build a tech talent network? 5 tips for success

When it comes to a tech talent network, how can you reach out and sustain a quality-oriented and skilled team? As there’s a high job demand, diving into this area can prove to be quite stressful. To avoid common missteps and losing strong potential candidates, it all has to do with strategy, as every aspect matters when finding the right fit for your company.

1. Create a strategy

Before diving right into it, think about the type of talent network you want to build. Sure, receiving thousands of applications can be appealing, but quality over quantity provides better results. 

Shaping a strategy also has to do with the way you’ll reach prior and potential applicants and keep them in your talent pool. In addition, an overview of the strategy may include the following:

  • Content management
  • Distribution channels
  • Talent pool and resume databases
  • Referral programs

2. Reach out and engage

Though this one may seem obvious, it’s not just about adding candidates and profiles to your database. 

Limiting the talent pool to prior applicants can cut your potential significantly. Instead, build a community where you can showcase job postings, projects and events, as well as insightful information. Whether it’s through an online campaign or in person, the idea is to keep professionals interested in joining you. Some ideas to keep communication and engagement going have to do with the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Sign-ups on your websites
  • Networking events
  • Job fairs

3. Identify your brand

Knowing what your company has to offer to professionals is equally as important as the talent they’ll share by joining. To put things into perspective, no one would hire an applicant without knowing a little about them. Similarly, applicants won’t just join without connecting with the company’s core identity, work culture and dynamics. 

Providing the right information will engage talent whose values, vision and goals align with the company and the team you’re building. Some elements to consider include knowing the following:

  • Core identity
  • Organizational culture
  • Mission and vision
  • Competitors
  • Differentiators

4. Share unique content

As discussed before, asking candidates to just sign onto the team without providing anything is neither helpful nor engaging. Instead, try turning things around by sharing helpful and valuable content in exchange for their information. This content can be shared in various ways, a few examples may include:

  • Newsletters
  • Guides
  • Infographics
  • Articles and research.
  • Access to exclusive webinars
  • E-books

Engaging content is possible when being both strategic and thinking outside the box. All in all, this can be both beneficial and appealing to a talent network that’s looking to stay updated.

5. Review and connect

Once a solid talent network has been built, making sure to keep communication flowing is essential. Reviewing the database often allows managers to check if there’s any good fit for the latest job openings. More often than not, old resumes and prior applicants get forgotten when there could be potential matches happening. 

Though a job is not guaranteed, without any updates or a continuous stream of communication, even initially engaged candidates can lose interest easily. 

Want to learn more or connect with our tech talent network? Be sure to check out our LinkedIn or visit us at WillDom.com.

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