7 reasons to become a skillful JavaScript developer

Javascript developer

If you’re a developer or are looking to start a career as such, it’s reasonable to wonder if it’s worth it to specialize in JavaScript. Becoming an expert JavaScript developer can be a boost for your career because it’s really in demand.

One of the problems developers face is that there are multiple programming languages available. Each one is used to build something different, so it’s often necessary to learn more than one to build a particular product. But JavaScript is a language that’s found everywhere! Yes, millions of companies use it, so they’re always looking to add a JavaScript developer to their workforce.

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Choosing to pursue a career in programming is a good choice, since most IT companies are constantly looking to hire JavaScript developers. It’s ideal for people who love coding. Remember that being a programmer requires a lot of time invested to put together a quality product for the end user.

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What are the benefits of being a full-stack JavaScript developer?

Having to select from too few options can be just as frustrating as having too many options and needing to decide on which one to pick. That’s what happens to most developers when it comes to software programming languages. There are too many. Far too many. 

The classic question from those starting out in the field and want to work either in-house for a company or as remote staff, is “which language do I choose to learn first?” The answer was, is and will always be, “JavaScript, my friend”.

So, here are seven reasons why you should become an expert JavaScript programmer. 

  1. It’s the most widely used language on the web

It’s by far the default language of the internet. Since its creation in 1995, JavaScript has been used by hundreds of thousands of companies and that trend is likely to continue. 

  1. Expert JavaScript programmers are in high demand in the industry

As it’s the most widely used programming language in the world, those who know how to use it are highly sought after by IT companies.

Hiring platform, DevSkiller, found that 75% of companies were looking to hire a JavaScript developer during 2021. 

  1. A JavaScript developer can count on a good salary.

A JavaScript developer’s salary is usually above average. It will fluctuate depending on the country and the city in which the person is based. 

As it happens with most careers, a more experienced programmer will earn a higher salary.

  1. It’s easy to learn how to use

JavaScript is beginner-friendly. Unlike other languages, no prior programming experience is required to learn how to work with it.

It is user-friendly and uses natural language, which makes coding simple and understandable.

  1. It’s highly versatile

JavaScript runs directly from the browser, which makes it simple. It is employed to develop all kinds of software and products, for example:

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android. JavaScript app development is possible with the help of libraries or open-source codes, such as React or Flutter.
  • Web applications, both front-end (user-faced) and back-end (server-side). It’s the most popular language for creating websites and web applications. 
  • In this case, it is also possible to use alongside, for example, React or Angular to create different web interfaces.
  • Create databases using JSON. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a readable format for structuring data that needs to be exchanged between an app and a server. 
  • It can be used to perform automated UI testing of the applications created.
  1. Need help? You’ll find community support

There are millions of developers who use JavaScript for programming code worldwide. Many of them even are experts in the field, and they’re just a click away.

Not only is it easy to find the solution to a specific coding issue, but the JavaScript community ensures to keep up to date of all new add-ons and tools available.

  1. If you are into game designing, this can be your tool

Use JavaScript to create both web-based and mobile games. 

Depending on the combination of tools you use in conjunction with JS, you can even create 3D games. Fun, right?

So, is becoming a developer a good choice?

Several reports suggest that the employment of developers in the US has been growing continuously over the past several years. The projection shows that this trend will continue, compared to most occupations. 

In addition to learning JavaScript for all the reasons mentioned above, there are many other programming languages and frameworks to learn. That makes a developer super versatile and able to expand their knowledge constantly. In addition, a programmer can work side by side with different areas and professionals.

Moreover, as an increasing number of companies (both large and small) require some kind of development, any coder is always going to have a job. Not only that, if for some reason you take a job and aren’t satisfied with it, it’s very likely that you’ll find something you enjoy more. That happens because the demand is greater than the amount of specialized developers that are available. 

If the idea of programming is something that excites you, then this is probably your career of choice. Whether you become an expert in JavaScript first and then learn other languages, or start learning several at once, programming always allows you to acquire new skills. 

Is there anything nicer than creating your first mobile app or game? If your answer is, “I can’t imagine anything better”, then becoming a professional programmer is for you. 

If you are interested in learning more about WillDom or how to contact our remote staff, connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at WillDom.com.

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