7 reasons why becoming full stack developer is the coolest thing in the next years

7 reasons why become full stack developer is the coolest thing in the next years

In recent years, the full stack developer profession has become one of the most demanded around the world in the technology industry. 

The full stack developer is a worker who belongs to a sector in a constant expansion that needs professionals who can meet the needs that the world and today’s society require.

The particularity of a full stack developer is its hybrid profile, which can develop both in the front-end and back-end of a web project. He also has an integral facet and possesses knowledge and tools that will allow him to face any of the stages of a web project.

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Reasons to work in this area

Developers at this level have the particularity of being able to work with complex logic and deal with abstract concepts, boosting their pure programmer side. In addition, they handle other tools such as databases and web storage.

There are several reasons that make this profession one of the most demanded and desired nowadays.

High demand in the labor market

Full Stack specialists are among the most demanded professionals in the world along with other professional profiles, such as front-end and back-end developers, blockchain specialists, data engineering professionals or security engineers.

This is corroborated by one of the most complete reports in the world “State of Software engineers”, on job projections in the engineering sector, prepared by the Hired platform. Just in the US, the demand for Full Stack development jobs is expected to grow from 135,000 to more than 853,000 by 2024.

In fact, it is estimated that there is already a demand for 1.4 million Full Stack jobs in the US.

Quite a competitive remuneration

Those who are interested in training in the world of Full Stack, for example, by studying a postgraduate course such as the Web Development and Programming Bootcamp or the Web Application Development Bootcamp, should know that these developers are better paid than other specialist engineers.

Their specific training with the acquisition of experience and a progressive increase in their responsibilities, means that the average salary of these professionals is high enough, and with a constantly rising forecast. This amount can, in many cases, increase significantly if the profession is developed in English-speaking countries.

A variety of job opportunities

There are more jobs than professionals in programming, so there is plenty of employment. Therefore, it’s possible to work from home for the rest of the world for a very good salary. This applies to junior, semi-senior and senior profiles.

To give you an idea, only on LinkedIn there are permanently about 15 million searches worldwide to hire programmers.

It has an enormous versatility

To be a Full Stack Developer is to present a great versatility to work with different operating systems and programming languages. Also have extensive knowledge and experience in Front-End and Back-End. These developers use UX/UI design principles, but also know how to use open source tools.

This is a figure without whom it is impossible to understand the work processes and operation inside business organizations that have a strong technological base. It is precisely this versatility that makes the Full Stack Developer profession so desirable.

You can work in any industry

Since all companies are managed by software, a full stack web programmer can be hired by banks, mass consumption companies, oil companies, ecommerce and many others. Therefore, the career of this professional is very challenging.

Solves social problems

A full stack web programmer provides answers to society’s problems. That is exactly what websites and applications are all about: making life easier for users. 

Another task that a developer performs is to find possible errors in the code written by his colleagues, in this way he is also solving problems.

Constant acquisition of knowledge

Full Stack developers’ work tools are not only updated frequently, but they are also changing. This forces these professionals to maintain a constant learning attitude throughout their professional career.

This permanent training makes the teams used to incorporate innovations and improvements in their daily work, and even to collaborate actively in their improvement. All this acquired knowledge turns them into essential pieces in the development departments of any company, since they become highly specialized professionals.

Some knowledge that a full stack developer must have


It is one of the basic points to learn and be a successful full stack developer. According to some specialists in the field, having knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3 will allow you to style the content and design, the closest part to the user.


A good full-stack developer must know the characteristics of JavaScript and its frameworks such as Angular or React. This is in addition to knowing what is the DOM and manipulating code structures.

It’s necessary to have this knowledge because most web applications work with this language and it’s due to the action of browsers that allow the interaction between applications. It’s easy to learn and it is versatile since at the moment of exploring it offers microcontroller programming and it is executed in a hybrid way in any operating system.

Web architecture

Having knowledge of web architecture gives the ability to hierarchize the information and all the categories that are inside and that will be used for optimization and search engine positioning. In addition, it aims to solve needs such as product sales, and online services and achieve customer satisfaction.

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