A guide to skills required for Java developers

skills required for java developer

Java stands out among the most widely used programming languages for many years. It was created in 1995, and, since then, its popularity has never diminished. Nowadays, it’s widely used for creating Android apps, as well as machine learning environments, for example. There exist a couple of skills required for Java developers to work properly. 

For all these reasons, the majority of companies with a digital footprint, or those seeking to expand theirs, are looking to hire a developer. When looking to hire a developer, companies tend to look for someone who can align with what the firm is in need of. And there exist some skills required for Java developers, so they can do so, smoothly.

Top 10 hard and soft skills a Java developer should have

A software engineer’s job is not just to write code in isolation, with no contact with other humans. On the contrary, they generally work together with other developers, and side by side with members of different teams who require their help to, for example, understand the technical feasibility of a specific project. That is why a developer needs to have certain skills required for a Java developer in a company or a project.

Among the many existing ones, we find hard skills like:

1. API skills

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are often deployed in a variety of projects. A Java developer cannot fail to know how to handle them, nor which are the specific ones to use, according to the need.

Some crucial APIs a developer needs to be aware of are:

  • JSON processing APIs.
  • XML processing APIs.

2. Java compiler tools knowledge

When automating certain source code apps, software devs need to understand how Java compiler tools work. They need to have experience in its use, and to know how to use them effectively, in order for them to function correctly.

Examples of these tools are Nexus, Apache, and CMake.

3. Testing

Testing is essential to complete a given project. It’s done by using some testing tools. All of these available pieces of software allow understanding if the process works as it should, prior to deploying it.

Useful tools for this are Serenity or JBehave, for example.

4. Must be skilled in JVM

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) plays a key role in the verification and implementation of written code.

That is why Java programmers must understand what the JVM is, what to use it for, as well as how to use it. 

5. Some big data expertise

Surely you’ve heard a lot about big data. Most companies consist of large amounts of information to manage. Developers must learn to understand how to use specific platforms for handling large amounts of data.

Examples of this are MongoDB and Tableau.

Also,  as a complement to all of these hard skills, Java developers should have the following soft skills:

6. Teamwork skills

Besides having expertise in hard abilities, it’s also required for Java developers to learn how to work as part of a team.

This is a must because they will be working hand in hand with other software engineers, as well as with people from other teams, such as UX designers, writers, and project managers, for example.

7. Organization and time management

Both of these are essential for the work to flow properly.  Work organization is a key element of development. Therefore, it’s crucial for them to be familiar with task management tools.

In addition, they should understand how best to prioritize and plan tasks to improve work efficiency and team productivity.

8. Problem resolution

When developing software, it’s possible that some things may not go as expected. Developers must be able to detect those failures and resolve them as easily as possible.

Good conflict resolution skills should be one of the main soft skills that a Java developer must have.

9. Critical thinking

There are many occasions in which developers will be faced with situations that require them to use rational thinking in order to find the best solution.

That is why, combined with problem-solving skills, critical thinking is a key part of these developers’ abilities. 

10. Continuous updating

Developers must be constantly on the lookout for updates to the versions of the tools used.

They must be able to easily adapt to version updates and changes so that they can apply these modifications to their code.

Why are developers so in demand?

A digital footprint is key to the development of a business. From e-commerce to informative websites, or after-sales systems, everything happens in the digital world. This is why developers are constantly in demand.

Additionally, the pandemic unleashed in 2019 accelerated all these changes and the need for businesses to add in-house developers or consult with external developers.

Organizations are always looking for experienced and skilled developers to join their teams. They are often very experienced and can bring a lot of value to the IT department, to find great solutions in conjunction with the rest of the teams.

To learn more about how to find the best developer for your project, or to find out more about this and other topics, feel free to follow us on our LinkedIn profile or contact us via WillDom.com.

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