A Story of Proven Innovation: WillDom WAVE End-to-End Platform

WillDom WAVE Talent Management Platform and Innovation

The WAVE platform, like many other products of innovation, was born out of the desire to reduce complexity. In the business world, people live and die by the platforms and programs they use every day to get work done. However, given the speed at which things need to get done and the lack of standardization based on personal preferences, organizations and teams can be convoluted based on the number and type of software solutions they use. 

The year was 2016, and the WillDom team was using a variety of different tools to accomplish their work – Google Spreadsheets, ATS, JIRA, an external timetracker, email, instant messaging platforms, etc. 

And this was the main business challenge that caused Mariano Morales, a delivery manager at WillDom at the time, to create a solution that would help him manage all of his client responsibilities. As a delivery manager, Mariano’s primary responsibility was to follow-up on all assignments to make sure WillDom’s developers were meeting client expectations. Now, as a Partner and Product and Technology Director, Mariano is leading the integration of all areas of the company in one exclusive proprietary platform. 

Constant Innovation: Testing and Testing again!

Originally called WillDom Core Systems (WCS), the program utilized Assignment Manager to hold the records of companies, talent, contracts, assignments, active staff, and the insights obtained from the weekly follow-ups. WCS continued to be expanded and coded to meet specific organizational needs. 

“As a company dedicated to innovation, our goal is to make sure clients have the best experience working with top technical talent,” stated Mariano. “Therefore, to be organized and have a structure become key factors in determining the success of client projects and talent enablement.”

Once it went through a number of internal discussions and reviews regarding the growth of WCS, it was made available to everyone on the team due to the number of benefits it offered company-wide. Then, after being utilized by specific users within WillDom, it was decided that energy and resources would be dedicated towards expanding on the program’s capabilities and what it could not only do for its team members, but its ecosystem and potentially broader network. 

Since releasing it in 2016, WAVE (name of the program changed from WCS in 2020) has become an iterative platform, with specific apps and other useful tools being built from the ground up and integrated to make it a truly end-to-end platform. WillDom’s developers and engineers collaboratively built-out the main applications that are available today. These include:

  • Talent – Manage the entire chain of your technical talent, from initial point-of-contact with a recruit to onboarding technologist onto client account.
  • Business – Get a complete view of your sales pipeline and current clients, such as managing leads and opportunities to gaining real-time insights into the progress of current customer projects and initiatives. 
  • Finance – Understand how your business is running with real-time access to profit reports, payroll, and time tracking to see where your teams are spending their time.
  • Delivery Management: Drive client success with processes in place such as assignment follow-up, time tracking, and staffing to continuously improve and align with project goals. 

Additionally, in 2019, we extended the WAVE platform to our branches (companies that have become part of the WillDom community), who have found tremendous value in enhancing the client relationship based on project visibility, recruitment opportunity based on our vast network of technologists, and scaling their business due to new offerings available through WillDom. 

We are excited to start this series and share all the great things that the WAVE platform is capable of. At WillDom, WAVE is used to manage nearly 100% of our processes – from talent acquisition to client reporting, and everything in between. 

To give you a sneak peak, here are the topics that we will be covering in this series:

  1. Talent Pool Management
  2. Finding the Right Fit – Bringing Talent to the Client
  3. The Onboarding Process 
  4. Talent + Client Follow up 
  5. Keeping a Close-knit Community – Re-engaging Talent for Future Projects
  6. Talent Management + Data

To learn more about our WAVE platform and its capabilities in talent management, please visit our “WAVE by WillDom” section of the website and connect with a WillDom expert, follow us on Linkedin for more information about us.

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