Agile Development: Episode 2. Best Use of Time and Streamline Deliverables

Agile Development

Episode 2 of WillDom’s Tech Terminal has arrived! Before you head over to stream it on Spotify, here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll learn in the episode, which includes key learnings about agile development, time management, and other project details.

Everyone has at some point found themselves scrambling to deliver a project at the end of a timeline, only to lead to sub-standard quality and unsatisfied clients. But today we’ll be sharing how to never experience that feeling again. 

In this episode, we’ll be sharing the importance of storytelling and clear communication throughout the project development process. A good estimate is key to starting a project off on the right foot, but how can you guarantee that everything will run perfectly every time? Well, that isn’t quite possible, but what you do to navigate around the unpredictable is what will set you up for success. 

Understanding one’s degree of confidence and developing a strategy for proper communication within their organization is key for accuracy in estimation on the developers’ part, but sharing that information with clients in a meaningful manner requires a different approach. One point that will be shared in the episode is how estimating deliverables with story points is more effective than telling the client the man-hours required to complete the project. And although we’ve made it a norm to share a facade of our work and creation process it’s time to be honest, even with the client! Communicating the complexity of the project will give a clearer picture of what and when to expect deliverables.

But that’s all we’re sharing here…Find more insights on how to strengthen your estimations and project planning in this new episode about Agile Development of WillDom’s Tech Terminal over on Spotify: 

Episode 2: Agile Development

If you haven’t already, also take a listen to our first episode where our experts shared their insights and strategies for the endless lifecycle of software development:

Software development is never done

Stay tuned to our monthly episodes on Spotify to keep up with the latest news and trends in software development. And visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn to learn how WillDom can collaborate with you on your software development needs.

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