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Top 9 to best app ideas to launch in 2022

Top 9 best app ideas to launch in 2022

Many app ideas have emerged in recent years. In 2021 there were approximately 7 billion mobile users of which 90% of the time was spent on apps downloaded through digital stores.

Top 7 of the new wave of healthcare industry

Top 7 of the new wave of healthcare industry.

Healthcare software means having a technological tool that focuses on improving, assisting, and supporting the daily activities of the management of a health center, in any specialty, helping to automate administrative processes. This facilitates communication between the medical professional and the patient, ensuring the privacy and reliability of the data, and simplifying management through an easy-to-use platform.

The benefits of an agile team

The Benefits of an Agile Team

Get to know all the benefits of having an agile team in your company and the most important values of agile methodology.

technical architect

Why do I need a technical architect in my organization?

A technical architect is in charge of defining the overall structure of a program or system. He must act as a project manager, overseeing IT assignments aimed at improving the business and ensuring that all parts of the project run smoothly.

Be or not to be a ninja developers

To be or not to be a ninja developer

A ninja developer is basically a developer who manages any of the known technological stacks, so he must be able to program in any of the application layers with the technologies that apply.

Agile Teams Journey - Part 5: The Evolution Phase

Agile Team Journey: 5. The Evolution Phase

In part four of our Agile Teams Journey series, we discussed the actual release of your product, and how all the time, effort, and collaboration between teams and the client created a seamless and effective launch experience.

7 useful agile metrics for stakeholders

7 useful agile metrics for stakeholders

Agile Metrics can be a complicated topic sometimes, especially when we have all been in some kind of project in which none of the data has been monitored, making it difficult and complicated to know if the objectives were achieved.

How to implement an enterprise integration software

How to Implement Enterprise Integration Software

IT companies often handle a large and diverse amount of information.  That data is processed in a variety of ways and many teams need access to that information. The best way for all parts to find what they’re looking for is through the implementation of enterprise integration software.

Best 7 Must-Have Skills of Mobile App Developers in 2022

Best 7 Must-Have Skills of Mobile App Developers in 2022

Statistics say that there are 5.31 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and this is growing at a pace of almost 2% annually.  And with more mobile phone users come more apps users. One thing’s certain: mobile app developers won’t run out of work any time soon.

What are software life cycle models?

What are software life cycle models?

There is a good deal of software development life cycles (SDLC) available. Picking the best for your business and your project can sometimes be hard, but choosing the correct software life cycle model is key to a successful process and to reaching goals.

User interviews: How to get better results from them

User interviews: How to get better results from them

If you work in UX, you’ve probably heard of user interviews. If not, here we’ll explain a bit about what they are, how to conduct them, and the best way to make an analysis that provides results that add value to the product.

How to Manage the Core Business of the Company?

How to Manage the Core Business of the Company?

Have you ever heard of the term core business? If you’re related to the business industry, your answer will probably be “Yes, of course!”. But, do you know what core business means, or what the core business of the company you work for or own is? We’ll help you answer these questions by the end of the article. 

When to Use React Native for My App

When to Use React Native for My App

With React Native, creating apps for Android and iOS using the framework has become much easier. This program is based on the JavaScript react library for building visual components, which Instead of being executed on the browser, can then run directly on native mobile platforms.

What Is a Full Stack Javascript Developer

What Is a Full-Stack Javascript Developer

So what is a “full-stack” Javascript developer? To understand the magic of what they do, we must first have an understanding of the term “full-stack” in technology.

How agile software development benefits my business

How Agile Software Development benefits my business

Agile software development focuses mainly on the flexibility, changeability, and responsiveness of a process. In this way, agile makes a way of working more agile and the business itself more flexible.

Why is React Popular?

Why is React Popular? 

With different programming languages rising and falling in and out of popularity within the developer community over the last few years, some in the tech industry have been asking the question – why is react popular? Let’s take a closer look.

WillDom Enhances Your Digital Business Growth Exponentially: GoodFirms

WillDom Enhances Your Digital Business Growth Exponentially: GoodFirms

WillDom provides an environment for companies to connect, empower, and inspire in order to take their technology to a whole new level. Here you get end-to-end service, right sourcing, proper strategy, follow-up, and exact execution of what is needed to help your product and digital succeed. 

The Power of Data Science

The Power of Data Science: Case Studies That Provide Meaningful Change

Every day we hear the term “data science” with greater frequency, and its popularity doesn’t come without reason. At WillDom, we have more and more data scientists entering our community who collaborate with software developers, engineers, and other technologists, and are playing a key role in the continued success of our clients. 

WillDom is the Best Developer for your Business

WillDom is the Best Developer for Your Business

To maintain business growth, entrepreneurs must have an effective web presence. Investing in good web development will help you with your tech-savvy customers’ needs. WillDom provides the Best Developer for your business.

Software Developers

Find Top Software Developers: in 2020, WillDom Reimagines Web Presence to Help Organizations solve unique tech needs

WillDom, a rightsourcing leader in connecting growing organizations with top tech talent, today announced the relaunch of the WillDom.com website, offering a more robust and user-friendly experience for organizations looking to quickly connect with high class software developers and agile services on a global scale. The revamped site makes it easier for clients of all sizes across all industries to collaborate, research, and attain the right talent for the right opportunity.

WillDom Manifesto, talent, innovation, and values that guide our decisions

The WillDom Manifesto

The WillDom Manifesto – the ideas and beliefs that guide our every decision and dictate how we interact with our ecosystem – talent, technologies, delivery – and beyond.