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No-Code, No Problem

Proceed with caution because low-code is on the rise. Much like every other aspect of science and tech, the software development industry is paving a clear path toward an automated future. It is coming in the form of low-code/no-code development.

scrum master skills

The Most Important Scrum Master Skills

Scrum Master skills are handled and organized by Agile Teams, see how our Agile Team maximizes them! At WillDom, we have a great solution for all of your technology needs.

hybrid project management

What is hybrid project management?

There are several ways in which project managers take the helm, and many are commonly used every day. Some managers even combine methodologies into what is called hybrid project management

rfid in healthcare

Benefits of RFID in Healthcare

While RFID technology is not new (first showed up after World War II), it is still finding new and useful applications in industries worldwide. RFID in healthcare is an area in which the technology has truly shown its merits

remote collaboration tools

5 Best Remote Collaboration Tools For Your Development Team

When working across large distances, it is essential to have a place where open and easy collaboration can occur. Remote collaboration tools are the best way to keep your team on the same page and still have that brainstorming feeling.

cloud security best practices

A guide from Cloud Security Best Practices

As more and more businesses are starting to move away from physical servers to cloud-based storage, it is important to know how cloud security best practices.

Tech Trends

The 6 tech trends we’ll see in 2023

The WillDom team values in-depth comprehension of what is taking place in the market to operate and deliver quality year-round. Having kept a close eye on the tech trends of 2022.

rfp software

What is RFP Software?

Handcrafting and managing each one is a struggle that can eat away at your time. Luckily, RFP software was made to help just these kinds of situations. 

php backend

Is PHP Backend or Frontend?

One language that has a very well-known task is PHP backend development. PHP backend has a degree of speculation as to whether or not it can perform and complete frontend tasks as well.

php vs java

PHP vs Java: What is the best language?

It’s a clash of the titans: PHP vs Java. Which language is better? As usual, it depends on what you’re looking for. And, unfortunately, the consequences of choosing the wrong language can be catastrophic

the future of the internet

Declaration for the Future of the Internet

In April 2022, a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie took place. 61 nations signed an agreement about the goals for our shared future Internet. The Declaration for the future of the internet included the United States, Australia, Canada…

Software problems

7 Most Common Software Problems

The bad news: software problems happen all the time. The good news: in most cases, you can avoid them fairly easily! We’ve all heard “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

how to screen java developer

How to Screen Java Developers?

Let’s talk about how to screen Java developers. You want to hire a master of the language without learning it yourself, so how can you tell if they really know their stuff?

best os for developers

What Is the Best OS for Developers?

Defining which one is the best OS for developers to program in is not that easy. While it’s pretty common for devs to wonder which one to choose, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Cutting-edge technology

Top 5 Cutting-edge technology examples 2023

Cutting-edge technology in 2023 isn’t quite the hoverboards and Skynet we were promised. It might just be better. Here at WillDom, our eyes light up at the thought of tech innovation.

what is java testing

What is Java testing?

Since its foundation, more than 20 years ago, Java continues to be one of the most used programming tools by developers.Of course, you may ask yourself, what is Java testing?

types of software development

Which are the types of software development?

How many apps do you use on your phone every day? And how about on your Smart TV? You might also run some apps on your computer, either for work or for leisure.There are different types of software development, according to the expected final product.

software delivery

Software delivery best practices

Every, or nearly every, company wishing to remain relevant is aware of the need for a digital footprint. Software delivery process refinement is a must to accomplish this. 

network applications

3 Types of Network Applications

Communication and the ability to share information builds strong teams and better projects. So when entering into the development space, you should decide what network applications you will use to do this.

java testing frameworks

Top 5 Java Testing Frameworks of 2022

Why do you need java testing frameworks? Because you must test your software before you release it. We know, it’s exciting to have your almost-ready, newly-developed, bright-and-sparkly software in your hands.

citizen development

Benefits of Citizen Development

Citizen development isn’t for everyone but it can be an absolute game changer for the right business. Here at WillDom, we believe in agile teams that can adapt and tackle any task, so you might think citizen development is right up our alley.

big data in retail

Benefits of Big Data in Retail

By using big data in retail, masters can hone in on a buyer’s wants and deliver direct messages, products, or advertisements. With the ability to talk so accurately to your audience, you can not only improve your own conversion rate but, also harbor a better relationship with them..

php alternatives

The Best PHP Alternatives on the Market

Both PHP and Python are languages ubiquitous in web development. This is for a reason as both languages have their merits and history behind them. Today, however, we want to look at 5 incredible PHP alternatives that aren’t Python. 

skills required for java developer

A guide to skills required for Java developers

Java stands out among the most widely used programming languages for many years. It’s widely used for creating Android apps, as well as machine learning environments, for example. There exist a couple of skills required for Java developers to work properly. 

enterprise software solutions

7 things that won’t happen in enterprise software solutions

If a company wishes to be successful in its field, it must know that they have to stand out from the rest. But how do they make that happen? Consulting with a company that can provide them with enterprise software solutions is an essential part of doing so.

WillDom Summit

WillDom Summit 2022: A Must-Live Experience

WillDom is ending 2022 with a bang! And what better way to wrap it all up than by coming together to explore, network, and celebrate with our team? The 2022 WillDom Summit brought together 70 participants from branches across 16 countries.

machine learning engineer jobs

Easiest ways to get machine learning engineer jobs

For businesses, enhancements like understanding user patterns and predicting possible outcomes can be achieved through machine learning engineer jobs.Not sure how to get started in this field? Let’s break down the specifics.

digital product development nearshore

Why digital product development nearshore is popular

From finance to health to entertainment to retail, every industry is trying to keep up with customer expectations through a modern-day approach.For businesses all over the world, this became possible thanks to digital product development nearshore.

freelance for developers

Freelance for developers: expectations vs. reality

Now, one of the many perks of being part of the IT community centers around innovation and flexibility. Because of that, “what’s freelance for developers like?” has become a question for many professionals looking to dive into this path.

web development services

5 problems with web development services

How can a company’s website stand out some many new platforms appearing by the minute. Well, that’s where web development services come into play by meeting the client’s needs through functionality and design.

what is a react developer

What is a react developer in 2022?

What is a react developer job really about? Let’s go through the good, the bad, and the how-tos on filling this position.

remotely recruited jobs

Why most remotely recruited jobs fail

Job expectations and interactions have changed considerably in the wake of the digital era. Let’s go through 5 mistakes that make remotely recruited jobs fail.