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skills required for java developer

A guide to skills required for Java developers

Java stands out among the most widely used programming languages for many years. It’s widely used for creating Android apps, as well as machine learning environments, for example. There exist a couple of skills required for Java developers to work properly. 

enterprise software solutions

7 things that won’t happen in enterprise software solutions

If a company wishes to be successful in its field, it must know that they have to stand out from the rest. But how do they make that happen? Consulting with a company that can provide them with enterprise software solutions is an essential part of doing so.

WillDom Summit

WillDom Summit 2022: A Must-Live Experience

WillDom is ending 2022 with a bang! And what better way to wrap it all up than by coming together to explore, network, and celebrate with our team? The 2022 WillDom Summit brought together 70 participants from branches across 16 countries.

machine learning engineer jobs

Easiest ways to get machine learning engineer jobs

For businesses, enhancements like understanding user patterns and predicting possible outcomes can be achieved through machine learning engineer jobs.Not sure how to get started in this field? Let’s break down the specifics.

digital product development nearshore

Why digital product development nearshore is popular

From finance to health to entertainment to retail, every industry is trying to keep up with customer expectations through a modern-day approach.For businesses all over the world, this became possible thanks to digital product development nearshore.

freelance for developers

Freelance for developers: expectations vs. reality

Now, one of the many perks of being part of the IT community centers around innovation and flexibility. Because of that, “what’s freelance for developers like?” has become a question for many professionals looking to dive into this path.

web development services

5 problems with web development services

How can a company’s website stand out some many new platforms appearing by the minute. Well, that’s where web development services come into play by meeting the client’s needs through functionality and design.

what is a react developer

What is a react developer in 2022?

What is a react developer job really about? Let’s go through the good, the bad, and the how-tos on filling this position.

remotely recruited jobs

Why most remotely recruited jobs fail

Job expectations and interactions have changed considerably in the wake of the digital era. Let’s go through 5 mistakes that make remotely recruited jobs fail.

reactjs developer

The ugly truth about reactJS developer

For tech talents, being a ReactJS Developer may seem like the next step in pivoting their area of expertise. However, is this job really for everyone?

talent software services

The secret of talent software services

Talent software services are of great importance if you are looking forward to consigning the software part of your brand into the hands of technological masters.

mobile development company

The truth about a mobile development company in 3 minutes

A person that is in charge of developing a mobile app is a software engineer. The engineer normally works with a bigger group of people, and together they will command different tasks and make decisions This is what is known as a mobile development company.

software consulting

Why software consulting succeeds

There is an essential part of the tech universe that leads to growing your business and gives you a better understanding of the technological matter, and this is where software consulting comes in.


WillDom’s WAVE Platform: The Sales Process

We’re going to take a look at the sales process – everything from connecting with a prospect to signing them as a client – and how WAVE plays an integral role as well. 

blockchain developer jobs

Top 10 Blockchain Developer Jobs in the USA

In recent years, blockchain developer jobs have become a very attractive career proposition for people in the IT world, as they tend to be very profitable positions in terms of pay.

development team

How to form a game development team?

How to form a game development team is one of the questions that can appear when you want to create an entertainment platform that can be enjoyed by many users.

android pos system

How to create an ideal Android POS System

It is no news that you could purchase any item needed through your mobile phone. But what is in fact more recent is that teams are innovating with new Apps through Android’s software that will allow them to sell through its Android Pos System.

insourcing vs outsourcing

Insourcing vs Outsourcing: which is the best option?

Insourcing vs outsourcing is one of the most common disputes in companies nowadays since there is always a debate between whether it is better to hire external services or to request them from the inside workers.

angular project

How to create an innovative Angular project

If you’re in the IT world, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of or used Angular. In fact, if you are a professional programmer, chances are that you have been asked or hired to create a new Angular project at some point

emerging tech

Emerging Tech in 2022 That Will Shape Developing for Years to Come

The field of emerging tech is rapidly evolving and active developers are seeing the changes before their very own eyes. They gave us a glimpse into the latest industry interests and trends ranging from AI-assisted development to developer involvement in the mystery that is the “Metaverse”.

best places to work remotely

World’s best places to work remotely

Teleworking will most likely become the new default way of working.Since remote work is here to stay, here’s a look at some of the best places to work remotely worldwide.

Arduino projects

10 ideal and simple Arduino projects for beginners

If you’re interested in technology and electronics, there’s a great chance you’ve heard or read about Arduino projects. But the question is, what exactly is Arduino? The answer to that question is many things.