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What is the best front-end web developer salary in Latin America?

June 30, 2023
front-end web developer salary

When talking about front-end developers, we’re referring to those professionals who create everything you see on a website or a mobile app by writing code. An example of that would be any animations, search bars, or buttons. These professionals are in high demand. Hence, the front-end web developer salary is always on the rise.

Fast loading of all website components is essential for any business as no one wants to lose potential customers due to a clunky app or a slow website. It is the responsibility of web developers to avoid this from happening. Another is assembling everything designed by a UI/UX designer and the content written by a copywriter or a UX writer. Everything has to make sense and function correctly. Yes, it may seem like a huge task, but all of it is well rewarded. Many people consider becoming developers to approach the front-end web developer salary. 

Front-end web developers’ salaries per country

Many IT workers are curious to know what the average front-end web developer salary is. For both those just starting on the web development path and IT recruiters, understanding that average salary is quite relevant. It’s crucial to know what a competitive salary is when reviewing whether to consider accepting a job offer, as well as when budgeting the cost of hiring an individual and making an accurate proposal.

Meanwhile, remote work prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, made it possible to hire professionals located anywhere in the world. Latin American countries such as Argentina and Chile are known for their high-quality talent pool in the IT area. That’s why an increasing number of companies worldwide are looking for professionals to cover front-end web developer jobs in their companies. 

Outsourcing is a very common practice in the IT world. In WillDom we support this, and we offer you a platform to join our environment as a developer or a company in need of a great team to join your projects.

The answer to why outsourcing is getting so famous is that software development is constantly on demand. As a result, hundreds of companies are looking to hire lots of employees to expand their software development teams in a short period. Outsourcing is necessary to meet this demand. Additionally, it presents itself to be a viable way of saving companies money. 

Nevertheless, front-end developers’ salaries vary according to the country where those professionals are located. Not only that, but it also will depend on their seniority. It’s not the same to hire a developer with little experience as one with many years working in IT. 

Front-end developer salaries in Latin America are slightly higher than those in India, but far below those paid in the United States. Given the high quality of programming offered by professionals in several countries in Latin America compared to India, the costs are extremely convenient. Let’s take a look at the average monthly salaries of some of them according to the Evalart site:


  • Junior developer: 715 USD.
  • Semi-senior developer: 1000 USD.
  • Senior developer: 1380 USD.


  • Junior developer: 1000 to 1800 USD.
  • Semi-senior developer: 1500 to 2500 USD.
  • Senior developer: 2000 to 3500 USD.


  • Junior developer: 1500 USD.
  • Semi-senior developer: 1500 USD.
  • Senior Developer: 2590 USD.


  • Junior developer: 423 to 634 USD.
  • Semi-senior developer: 730 to 2115 USD.
  • Senior or master developer: up to 3170 USD.


  • Junior developer: 870 to 1245 USD.
  • Semi-senior and senior developer: it varies according to the programming language in which they are experts and the city where they are hired.

Top 3 skills needed to become a front-end web developer

If you’re interested in becoming a front-end developer, there are certain aspects you must have a clear understanding of. For example, unlike what happens with back-end developers, front-end teamwork is permanent, so you must feel comfortable working alongside many other team members.

Among the many skills needed to be a good front-end developer demanded by companies include:


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the code used to create and structure all the sections of a web page. For example, the main menu, footer, banners, etc.

HTML works through tags that are then translated to give structure to the web.


Cascading Style Sheets are used to provide formatting to what is written in HTML. That is, CSS makes the elements written in HTML have style, such as colors, different fonts, and sizes, among other things.


It’s the most widely used programming language. It’s used in both front-end and back-end development. Not only that but it’s needed to make websites and mobile apps responsive.

If we only used CSS and HTML, the web would be static, but with JavaScript you can add animations. This includes scrolling, videos, slideshows, and forms.

Front-end web developer salary


To build the basis of an app, you need to use a framework. Frameworks provide structures for the written JavaScript code.

JavaScript is the basis of many of the most widely used frameworks, such as Angular and React.

Device testing

A good programmer should know that the way a page is displayed changes depending on the device used by the user. That’s why developers must know how to use tools that allow them to test and fix any bugs before it goes live.

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