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What is the Best Front-End Developer Salary in Latin America?

June 30, 2023


Latin America's tech sector offers promising prospects for end developer employees.

When talking about front-end developers, we’re referring to those professionals who create everything you see on a website or a mobile app by writing code.

An example would be animations, search bars, or buttons. These professionals are in high demand. Hence, the front-end web developer’s salary is always on the rise.

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The Importance of Front-End Development

A well-functioning, fast-loading website is vital for any business. Front-end developers ensure smooth, efficient user experiences by integrating designs from UI/UX designers and content from writers. Their role is multifaceted and highly valued.

Yes, it may seem like a huge task, but all of it is well rewarded. Many people consider becoming programmers to approach the front-end web developer salary

Why the Front-End Developer Salary Information Matters

Many IT workers are curious to know the average front-end web developer’s salary. Understanding that average salary is relevant for those just starting on the web development path and IT recruiters.

It’s crucial to know what a competitive salary is when reviewing whether to consider accepting a job offer and when budgeting the cost of hiring an individual and making an accurate proposal. Meanwhile, remote work, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, made hiring professionals worldwide possible.

Latin American countries such as Argentina and Chile are known for their high-quality talent pool in the IT sector. That’s why an increasing number of companies worldwide are looking for professionals to cover front-end web developer jobs in their companies. 

The answer to why outsourcing is getting so famous is that software development is constantly in demand. As a result, hundreds of companies are looking to hire many employees to expand their software engineering teams quickly.

To fulfill this need, outsourcing is required. It also offers itself as a practical means of cost savings for businesses. 

Nevertheless, front-end developers’ salaries vary according to the country where those professionals are located. Not only that, but it also depends on their seniority. It’s not the same to hire a developer with little experience as one with many years working in IT. 

Front-End Web Development Salary per Country

Front-end developer salaries in Latin America are slightly higher than those in India but far below those paid in the United States. Given the high quality of programming offered by professionals in several countries in Latin America compared to India, the costs are incredibly convenient.

Factors influencing the average front-end developer salary

The cost of hiring a front-end developer in Latin America depends on various factors, including education, expertise, experience, and living costs in the respective country.

For instance, developers with higher proficiency and experience can command higher rates. Notably, developers placed on client projects typically have hourly rates between $50-70 USD per hour, reflecting a balance of expertise and value

Let’s take a look at the monthly average base salary (in USD) of some of them according to the Evalart site:


  • Range: $450 – $2,300
    Junior Developer: $715
    Semi-Senior Developer: $1,000
    Senior Developer: $1,380


  • Junior developer: $1000 to $1800.
  • Semi-senior developer: $1500 to $2500.
  • Senior developer: $2000 to $3500.


  • Junior developer: $1500.
  • Semi-senior developer: $1500.
  • Senior Developer: $2590.
  • Full-Stack Developer salary ranges from $1,600 to $2,100 per month.


  • Junior developer: $423 to $634.
  • Semi-senior developer: $730 to $2115.
  • Senior or master developer: up to $3170.
  • The average salary for a programmer is $1,600


  • Junior developer: $870 to $1245.
  • Semi-senior and senior developers: it varies according to the programming language in which they are experts and the city where they are hired.


  • Junior Developer: Average salary around $580​.


  • Average Salary for Full Stack Developer: $1,500 (Predominant in cybersecurity)​​.


  • Average Salary: About $1,300 per month​.


  • Average Salary: $1,200 per month​.


  • Average Salary: $519 per month

Which Country Pays the Highest Salary to Front-End Developers?

Now that we have shown this data, the question remains: Which Latin American country offers the best salary for Front-End Developers? A quick answer may be the following:

Panama, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico are identified as the top-paying countries in Latin America for developers​​. This finding aligns with the broader trend of these countries’ strong and growing tech sectors, substantial technological investments, and increasing global competitiveness for technical talent.

Why do these countries lead in salaries?

  • Economic and tech sector growth: These countries have seen significant growth in their tech sectors, with governments investing in technology and education. This has led to a richer talent pool and a higher demand for skilled developers.
  • Competitive global market: The rise of remote work and global outsourcing has made these countries attractive for international businesses, further driving up the demand and salaries for skilled developers.

Learn More About Front-end Development in Latin America

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  1. What are the job market conditions for front-end developers in Latin America?

Latin American developers, including front-end web developers, are increasingly in demand due to their high level of technical training, soft skills, and good command of English. The demand for these positions is primarily driven by North American regions, with tech hiring from Latin America increasing significantly.

  1. What impact do education and certifications have on salaries?

Education and skill (especially front-end developer skills) development play a crucial role in advancing the careers of a software engineer or a front-end developer. Recent studies have shown that those holding degrees or certifications outperform those without, significantly affecting their salary potential.

  1. How do freelance or contract rates compare to full-time salaries?

Freelance and contract rates for front-end web development in Latin America can vary widely. While specific rates for each country are not provided, the range can be anywhere from $25 to $220 per hour. This variability reflects the diversity of skills, experience levels, and demand in different countries.

  1. What are the trends and future predictions for these salaries?

Several key trends are shaping the future of tech hiring in Latin America, likely impacting front-end developer salary ranges and job opportunities. These include an increasing focus on soft skills, diversity efforts in recruitment, and the growing importance of remote hiring.

The emphasis on soft skills and diversity is expected to enhance innovation and creativity in the tech sector. Moreover, the significant growth in remote front-end developer jobs since the pandemic makes Latin America an even more attractive destination for hiring top tech talent, including front-end developers.

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