How Custom Software Development Can Transform Drastically Your Company

Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software Development

In the marketplace where customer centricity is reshaping the models of companies and their operations, custom software development is taking the industry by storm. Insight from Technavio revealed that the global custom development service market is expected to grow by USD 31.76 billion between 2020 and 2025. And out of this growth, only 38% of it is expected to come from North America, indicating that the demand for custom software is primarily at an international level and is of great importance to many of the world’s industry leaders.

Now that we’ve shared the importance of this approach to development, we must clarify what it is and how it compares to off-the-shelf software. In its simplest form, custom software development is the process of creating software that solves specific user and/or organizational needs. It is often also referred to as “bespoke” or “tailor-made” software. 

Taking on New Custom Software

The market is fairly saturated, to the point where one of the first questions that must be asked before beginning development is if there is a true gap in the market resulting in the need for the new software. Yet it is still a tremendous attribute for companies to have the unique infrastructure, especially in their consumer-facing products (websites, applications, etc.). Therefore, authenticity and differentiation are key factors in the long-term success of these custom software. 

We’ve identified a few key components that increase the chances of success from the initial development process through the integration phases: 


Just as “location, location, location” is the mantra of real estate, the same can be said for analytics in software development. On both the administrative and developmental levels, the data made available with existing technologies assist to set priorities in the development of new software. It helps developers identify the needs and set purpose and goals as they work.

Agile Development

On the operational side of development, an agile approach allows for teams to turn the work into an incremental delivery process that continuously adapts and adjusts based on new needs and industry changes. And with one of the principles of agile development being customer collaboration and satisfaction, it is the ideal method to take on software targeted for the future. 

Cloud-based Developing

Ensuring cost efficiency and scalability in the long run, coding in the cloud also provides developers the luxury of monitoring and accessing data from anywhere, at any time. The rise in adoption rates point to an incoming boom in the global cloud computing market which is expected to grow from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion by 2026.

Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development

Top Benefits of Customizing Software

Uniquely Tailored Functionality

Precisely targeting the user’s needs, custom software avoids excessive functions that slow down navigation and increase the chances of failure. So whether it’s a consumer-facing application, leading to a purchase, or an operational system, saving the team time, custom software simplifies and guarantees a higher rate of success overall.

Cost-Effectiveness & Flexibility

The ROI of custom-designed software is quite strong as there is no need to purchase supplemental hardware over time or pay for other attributes and features because everything needed is already within the specially developed software. For instance, there is no need to purchase yearly renewal licenses, as is the case of off-the-shelf software. 

And the savings continue even if you scale operations through adding features, increasing capacity, and/or altering functions within the software based on new needs. An off-the-shelf software lacks this flexibility and would result in spending more on unique features or completely shifting to a new solution.

Improved Internal Workflow

Off-the-shelf software typically has unnecessary built-in functionalities that end up getting in the way of everyday operations. When the software solely incorporates functionalities that are familiar to the team and are directed to their needs, everyone is able to work with confidence and greater productivity.

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