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Emerging Tech in 2022 That Will Shape Developing for Years to Come

September 11, 2023
emerging tech

The field of emerging tech is rapidly evolving and active developers are seeing the changes before their very own eyes. The latest release, and the 22nd edition, of SlashData’s State of the Developer Nation survey provides a peek into the perspective of more than 20,000 developers as of Q1 2022. They gave us a glimpse into the latest industry interests and trends ranging from AI-assisted development to developer involvement in the mystery that is the “Metaverse”.

From the six key points of insight highlighted in the report, emerging technologies struck us greatly as it is a significantly influential factor shaping and directing our work at WillDom. These are some of the touchpoints we foresee transforming the way developer ecosystems like WillDom deliver solutions:

  • “14% of engaged developers are actively working on AI-assisted software development, and adoption of this technology is the third-highest of any emerging technology”. With the automation we are experiencing throughout the tech industry, the impacts of AI on coding and overall software development are inevitable. Having this assistance that can be trusted and easily implemented gives developers time and mental ease to focus on the complex challenges and overall picture in the construction of their projects. As this AI continues to evolve, it will better adapt to the way each individual writes code and subsequently speed up the delivery to the client and end user. It’s a great step for the growth of agile development, an approach WillDom teams live and breathe. 
  • “Blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrencies, have experienced the largest increase in engagement in the last 12 months”. The report does identify the new adoption rate of blockchain tech to be “stagnant”, but the overall growth in engagement shows an interest that has yet to be widely explored. With the growth of cyber insecurities, blockchain has shown to be a very viable, decentralized solution that delivers greater safety. Therefore, as companies begin to shift toward it and seek professionals who can work on related projects, more and more developers will dive into the tech. 
  • “28% of engaged developers say that they are currently learning about the Metaverse”. As the metaverse continues to take shape and companies who were once apprehensive begin investing in the space, the number of developers showing interest in specializing on the topic will also grow. Blockchain technology is the backbone of the Metaverse, so as one continues to evolve, the other will quickly follow.There are many components of the Metaverse that are already well known to engineers and developers such as AI, IoT, and AR amongst others. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before they begin seeing job opportunities surrounding the Metaverse. 

WillDom views these takeaways as parts of a greater opportunity for the developer community to expand its work and impact businesses and communities in ways many never imagined possible. 

The developing field is still in its earliest stages of growth; there’s a lot to come for our community, and WillDom plans to be there at every step of the way providing opportunity and delivering excellence to our talent and clients. Stay connected and up to date on the latest developments in emerging tech and development practices on or our Linkedin.

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