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Engaging the Post-Pandemic Leisure Traveler

September 11, 2023


Leisure Traveler

Travel Loyalty Landscape

Traditionally, hospitality brands have seen a steady pattern amongst travelers in their loyalty programs. Most of the best perks have been reserved for business travelers – not necessarily because of status, but due to the nature of their travel frequency compared to the leisure traveler.

New trends emerging after the global pandemic have shown a renewed interest in redemption opportunities for travelers.

And with more folks on the road, brands offering some combination of earn and burn may have noticed a new desire of guests to be able to earn and redeem rewards in areas not directly linked to travel.

Global Travel Trends

Covid-19 has made a mark on the way we live, work, and travel. With travel restrictions being lifted around the world, people are finally able to resume somewhat normal leisure activities.

But it also comes with a new view on the experience while on holiday – The American Express Travel’s 2022 Global Travel Trends Report noted that 81% of respondents want to travel to destinations where they can live and breathe the local culture.


A refreshed consumer interest in the experience at their destination and the local impact they make in the community sets the stage for hospitality brands to tweak their technology to support earn and burn opportunities on daily activities both at home and on the road.

There is also an opportunity to support more reservation flexibility for those who are still weary about air travel and prefer road trips.

A generational shift and the biggest health crisis in the last century have travelers changing their views on leisure time spent away from home, and hospitality brands need to be nimble and adjust their digital strategy to cater to new demands.

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