Full stack vs half stack developer. What is the difference?

full stack vs half stack developer

In the full stack vs half stack developer duel, there is usually the dilemma of which of these two types of programmers can be better for a company in the technology sector.

This whole topic of full stack vs half stack developer can lead to many topics of conversation about the performance that each of these professionals can bring to a project or job.

The dispute between full stack vs half stack developer is not something new, since both can be hired in the same company and have different responsibilities, the only difference is that the full stack has a job with much more weight than the half stack.

This type of programmer usually has the knowledge and practical skills in programming, as well as in web design, languages, databases, servers, version control systems, and many effective communication skills.

Both are eligible for some of the most in-demand roles in the technology sector today, which can also generate the highest income in the industry.

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Why should companies hire half stack developers?

In general, companies should not look for engineers who have all the characteristics. On the contrary, they should focus on people who prefer a particular technology area and who have experience in different languages, which serves as an advantage against other competing professionals.

In either case, this type of knowledge should be expected from any developer they are hiring. Professionals working on the front end need to have knowledge of the back end. This includes knowing where it is possible to implement this process.

It is important that they have built some APIs and also worked with databases at some point in their life. The impressive knowledge in the area of software development is very broad and does not run out so quickly. They need to understand how the work they do fits into the big picture of the project.

Members of a half stack team focus on one task at a time but have the understanding and experience to work on others as well. They usually don’t need to have a very deep knowledge of every detail, but what they should have is the accountability to be able to deliver projects on time and work together as a team.

The expertise of these developers will be crucial when unexpected problems start to appear that will require a solid knowledge of the specific programming language in that case.

Teams should always choose the right tool for the job at hand and not try to adapt with the only tool they know. Knowing the programming language will be critical when the team needs to move quickly and learn new things in a short time.

This is so that they can deliver things faster and with better quality, taking care of performance, design, future technical direction, and general architecture.

What technologies should a Full stack know?


This is a default communication protocol that is generally used between a web client and a web server, which means that it is how the front end talks to the back end. 

The network program is the simplest way to organize interactions between several independent systems in an interface that connects systems that use HTTP to obtain data or generate other operations.


It is one of the basic points to learn in order to be a successful full stack developer. According to some specialists in the field, having knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3 will allow you to style the content and design, the part closest to the user.

In addition, you will design your own website, modify and manage external content, understand how files are organized within a page on a server, understand the meaning and functioning of SEO and be able to format and edit any digital instrument.

Web architecture

The correct development of a web site cannot be achieved if there is no knowledge about web architecture since it serves to facilitate the visual grouping of all the contents to be displayed on the web site. 

This will help the user to navigate easily and perform different actions more quickly which will be transmitted in more visits and conversions according to the objective of each work project.

Having knowledge of web architecture gives a special ability to prioritize information in all the categories that are within and that will be used to optimize and position the site much better in search engines.

In addition, it also helps to solve needs such as online product sales and services and achieve customer satisfaction which is transmitted in a happier public with the brand, making them more loyal to what the company has to offer.

It is essential and fundamental to learn to work with operating systems such as Linux or Mac. And it is also important to know and be fluent in English since many of these technologies come by default in this language.

This type of work allows you to work globally with the rest of the world so you can develop a project from anywhere and for that, it is necessary to master this universal language as well as to know about the technologies that allow you to be a good full stack developer.

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