10 unforgivable sins when you need to hire React JS developers

hire react js developers

The use of “libraries” in the web’s universe is highly effective because it allows developers to perform much faster. Since the technology and software field has increased, something was needed to go hand in hand with this new characteristic: a new framework. “React” became a very popular library for this and therefore, whoever manages them are React JS developer. As they are an essential part of a development team today, we will show you what is a must and what represents a “no-no” when you need to hire React JS developers.

What do React JS developers do?

Also called “Front-end”, React JS developers are in charge of a business website and applications. They have to create and implement user-facing features (UFF) on them, so they are responsible for managing both pieces of software. As developers, they need to get solutions for websites and apps-involved matters, and their duty allows them to work more efficiently and organized. Due to their importance in any tech team, yes, we encourage you to hire React JS developers

But hey, take the following suggestions below. They will help you decide on the best ones to get on your team!

Basically, they control everything that the user sees when getting to your website or using any of your apps. They design and keep all interface features updated and working. React JS is key because it impacts directly impacts the user experience (UX). Working together with a User Interface developer (UI) they manage everything that a client sees and when getting into any of your business devices. 

For this reason, React JS development is pretty much connected to how their experience in your business will be in the digital part. Very interesting, right? But before moving on to the reading, we invite you to take a look at our website to learn about our tech and digital expert members of the team and success cases. Maybe this way we can still motivate you to hire React JS developers for your business.

The 10 cons of React JS developers you need to take into consideration

As the title of the article goes, we can ensure that there is a list of skills that React JS developers need to have. But if these abilities don’t happen to be among theirs, you better search for a new one. Because, hey: we can tell you there are great React JS remote developers around. 

Here you will find which ones shouldn’t be React JS developers. If they can’t prove to have these skills, you better pass on them.

  1. A React JS developer that doesn’t fully know how to use and implement React. It should start now!
  2. They are not completely aware of JavaScript functions and language, but if they happen to be proficient in JavaScript (ES6) they will get much better results. So hire React JS App developers that know deeply about it. The utilization of Regular and Git is important and valuable as well.
  3. They are not usually familiar with HTML but this one is essential to develop front-end tasks as Node JS. Although React JS developers won’t be purely in touch with HTML they have to know how to use it. React allows you to utilize an extension that is pretty similar to HTML: JSX.
  4. Lacking CSS knowledge. This one goes together with HTML information.
  5. Not having some certification or bachelor’s degree in computer science and expertise.
  6. Some React JS developers may not speak English very well because it is not their native language or doesn’t have enough studies on it, but oral and written English is a must. They don’t need to be native or bilingual to do their task, but an intermediate level or higher will do to be able to understand enough about their field.
  7. They don’t usually count on sufficient experience with Front-End environments (such as SASS, WebPack, Unit Testing, and E2E Testing Knowledge). On the other hand, for some duties, if a React JS developer does not have knowledge of MVC/MVVM concepts and some fundamental quality assurance processes, that means they are not qualified enough.
  8. Not having some experience using build tools like React Developer Tools or Google Chrome extensions. Sometimes this can help a lot for your business.
  9. Having little or no practice with Server-Side Rendering. This isn’t 100% a must, but it is significant for any React JS job.
  10. If a React JS developer doesn’t know how to work as a team and tends to do it on its own, it can make activities way more difficult. Hire someone that is inspired by a team-player dynamic and has experience working better in these environments.

We suggest you hire dedicated React JS developers to help your business website and we guarantee that they will do a great job. Some experience, expertise, and teamwork are vital qualities. 

If you want to know some software developers that work in our team, you can check them out on WillDom.com or visit us on LinkedIn. We will be pleased to help enhance your business by offering our best-talented members to work for you.

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