How to find superb Android developer jobs in Latin America

Android developer jobs

Mobile devices have become an extension of our hands, there’s no doubt about that. Mobile phone use keeps growing: from young children to adults over 85 years of age use their phones to play, contact their friends and relatives, or simply pass the time. That’s why Android developer jobs are on the rise. The more cell phones are used, the more applications are required.

Google’s Play Store adds more than three thousand new apps every day. These are created by developers from all over the world who work for all imaginable industries. Therefore, if you’re seeking Android developer jobs, you should not worry: they are in high demand, and the trend is set to continue down the same path. However, to be a developer of this operating system, you need to have certain skills that we shall cover below.

Latin America: how do I get a developer job, and what is the average salary?

As already mentioned, the demand for Android developers is ongoing and the salary is a very important factor. Every company wants a digital footprint, which involves having a presence in Google’s App Store. There are various ways to find and hire Android developers for jobs. The way to do so will be according to the type of employment you’re looking for.

If you’re in a Latin American country but want to work for a foreign company, or you simply want to work in a non-full-time position, there are several websites and apps that will allow you to search for freelance jobs. For example, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, or Workhoppers.

To seek a full-time job, create an updated portfolio, as well as a resume containing all the skills and studies you have. Once you have that in hand, create a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with people in the Android development field.

In addition to LinkedIn, you can search for full-time jobs on popular career websites in your country. Some of the most widely used ones are, Indeed, Guru and Dice, for example. 

When it comes to salaries, they will depend on the company hiring you, where the company is located, where you are located, and your level of Android development experience. Let’s explore a little more.

Considering an average, these are the current salaries for Android developers across Latin American countries, according to the Glassdoor site:

  • Argentina: between 700 USD and 2930 USD
  • Brazil: between 950 USD and 2400 USD
  • Colombia: between 730 USD and 2500 USD
  • Uruguay: between 900 USD and 2800 USD
  • Chile: around 2400 USD

Of course, this can vary. Some companies are looking for senior developers with many years of experience to lead development teams. Such jobs pay higher.

Keep in mind that the more skills you acquire related to Android development, the better offers you will find, and the more competitive the salaries will be.

Android developer jobs
Android developer jobs

Skills required to become a qualified Android developer

Building an Android app is not an easy task. To make an app that users want to download and recommend requires a lot of programming skills and expertise.

Here are some top skills to become a sought-after Android developer:

Be flexible

Android has a lot of manufacturers, which means that, depending on the brand of phone, applications may need to vary.

You have to be able to design an app that looks good both on a huge screen and on a very small screen as well, for example.

Learn Java and Kotlin

Both Java and Kotlin are official Android programming languages. 

To code for this operating system, in-depth knowledge of at least one of these two languages is a must. 

Get to know Android SDK

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. These are sets of pre-packaged code that allow developers to access different functions of an Android device, such as, for example, the camera.

There is plenty of documentation on how and what to use the Android SDK for, which can be useful to get you started.


This is not mandatory, but really helpful. There’s no need to be an expert in SQL, but you do need to have some idea of how to use databases.

Since the app will have to store its own or users’ data when creating an app, it is ideal that it is connected to a database. 

Knowledge of SQL or other databases is a plus that employers look for when hiring an Android developer. 


Depending on the app that you’re developing, there is a good chance that you may need to connect it to some other app.

Therefore, understanding how those connections work is yet another plus, since there are almost no Android app development companies that don’t offer APIs.

Backend programming skills 

It’s never a bad thing to learn back-end languages like Python or Node.js.

It’s true that you won’t necessarily use them to develop Android apps, but they are required to know how to work with the backend component if needed.

It’s not a must, yet it’s a bonus.

Besides those technical skills, it’s also really helpful to know how to work as part of a team. You’re definitely going to need it when developing.

For further information about Android development, or if you’re looking to recruit new talent, you can follow all the updates on our LinkedIn profile, or visit us at

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