Insourcing vs Outsourcing: which is the best option?

insourcing vs outsourcing

Insourcing vs outsourcing is one of the most common disputes in companies nowadays, since there is always a debate between whether it is better to hire external services or to request them from the inside workers.

In these insourcing vs outsourcing duels, it is necessary to have very clear what you want to achieve with each business campaign, if you want to reduce costs in the work team or if you have a budget with which you can outsource some type of project or idea to be carried out.

There are many times in which this fight between insourcing vs outsourcing can cast doubts as to which of the two is better. Actually, it all depends on the capacity of the company, if it wants to use its own employees or look for labor with an external agent.

At WillDom, we suggest that sometimes sourcing talent from outside the company helps achieve that without the need to build an entirely new team internally. Also, we offer each company to hire the best software developers in Latin America and connect with our remote staff. 

To be clear about which of the two processes is the most suitable for the company, you must first know how much budget you are going to have and above all know what each of these types of contracting consists of.

insourcing vs outsourcing
insourcing vs outsourcing

Insourcing definition

Insourcing is the procedure by which internal employees in an organization take on tasks that until now have been performed outside the company. 

This usually is to find internal competitive advantages, take advantage of them and improve the efficiency of the work. To achieve this, it is essential to analyze the company’s value chain.

In other words, it is not just a matter of saving costs by taking on work internally that has been delegated to outsiders up to a certain date. It is based on taking on only those activities that can be worked more efficiently by the organization.

One of the reasons for doing this is to redefine the concept of the sector or industry. To gain ground in new competitive domains, the company has to develop the resources it has by combining them with certain strategic characteristics. This strategy seeks to use the organization’s internal resources to become more competitive.

Is insourcing a key to creating an international business?

By analyzing, evaluating and studying which activities can be better performed internally, insourcing is considered a benefit that increases competitiveness against other companies. An example is the company UPS, which in turn, serves as a strategy to dominate other sectors, redefining the role of the organization, expanding it and allowing new business opportunities.

In addition to this, insourcing can bring you some key advantages so that your business can grow exponentially. For example: the work performed in-house has greater speed of execution, since the staff is more sensitive and aware of the requirements of the products or services you offer with your brand. 

Insourcing can generate an increase in salaries, but it is an investment that in the medium and long term is cheaper than hiring consultants and/or external suppliers, going through trial and error periods and generating documentation from this fact.

It allows for greater control and monitoring of the productivity and effectiveness of employees and teams. In addition, it also allows workers to be trained at a defined level to achieve much more specific goals based on the specialization of their skills.

Outsourcing definition 

This is the process that allows a company or organization to identify a process within its routine that could increase productivity and lead to optimization, involving third parties that are outsourced to perform that task or activity.

In other words, it consists of delegating some functions to a company or team specialized in them, in order to increase production, access better technologies or reduce costs within the organization.

Tasks range from facility maintenance to complex and meticulous processes such as accounting or talent recruitment.

Generally speaking, outsourcing is an appealing alternative for businessmen and entrepreneurs when they are looking to reduce their expenses in routine operations to produce greater profitability.

If we use marketing as an example, in the case of a nascent advertising and marketing agency, outsourcing graphic design, communication and even accounting services facilitates tasks, productivity and staff focus towards achieving the organization’s goals.

However, this option is also viable when companies need access to world-class technologies and capabilities at a time when their finances do not allow them to acquire them.

Some benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing results in an increase in your productivity. One of the main reasons is improved productivity and increased efficiency. The main company can strategically focus 100% on the core business of the company, thus delegating other services.

Outsourcing guarantees savings in effort and time. In the delegation of work, responsibilities are also delegated, which means a reduction of time in the management of tasks.

With outsourcing, you can spend less, as you save on infrastructure and personnel costs. You can reduce costs by up to 50%. The outsourcing company will maintain and manage its own staff. In addition, you only pay for the work performed.

Taking into account all these characteristics of each business model, it will be up to the company to decide whether outsourcing or insourcing is what suits it best and what it will need to expand its sales and reduce the costs of each day-to-day process.

In a world as globalized as the one we live in, it is very important to know the target audience of the business we want to develop and, above all, to take into account whether we want the company’s own employees to carry out the whole process or whether it will be much better to hire external agents.

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