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Introducing Our Newest WillDom Office: Pilar Branch! 

July 10, 2024



We are excited to announce the incorporation of Together Business Consulting into the WillDom family, now known as the Pilar Branch!

Expanding Our Horizons

Headquartered in Pilar, Argentina, this new branch enhances our presence in Latin America, particularly in Argentina and Chile. This announcement was made at our Buenos Aires Office, and we want to give a special shoutout to our amazing local team for making this integration possible!

Unified Efforts for Greater Impact

By joining forces, we are creating a unique network to co-create new opportunities and strengthen our community. Together Business Consulting brings a wealth of expertise in:

  • Business Transformation
  • Customer Journey Experience
  • Digital Processes
  • Reimagining People
  • Digital Business Architecture
  • Meet the Pilar Branch Team

We are pleased to welcome the key members of the Pilar Branch:

  • Charly Fernandez – Branch Director
  • Guillermo Ocampos – Business Developer
  • Agostina Bruzzo – Marketing Team
  • Christian Benitez – COO
  • Matias Loenoff – People Manager

“We are thrilled to have signed the strategic alliance with WillDom and become a branch in their network. We strongly believe in the potential of WillDom’s ecosystem model, which forms the foundation of their network. It enables us to expand our services, solutions, and products with enhanced technological capabilities and skills, strengthen our global regional presence, and extend our transformational experiences to other countries.”

Carlos Fernandéz, Partner Together Business Consulting

Industry Expertise

Pilar Branch has a strong background in various industries, including: Financial Industry, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Retail, Mining, and Telco.

New Solutions

The solutions offered by the Pilar Branch encompass:

  • Transformation Discovery: A comprehensive assessment service that helps businesses identify key areas for transformation, leveraging data-driven insights to develop tailored strategies for sustainable growth.
  • CXO First 100 Days: Specialized support and strategic guidance for new C-level executives to ensure a smooth transition and effective leadership during their initial 100 days in the role.
  • Finance Transformation: Innovative solutions focused on modernizing financial operations, improving efficiency, and driving strategic financial planning and analysis to boost overall financial performance.
  • People Transformation: HR and talent management solutions aimed at enhancing workforce capabilities, fostering a positive organizational culture, and driving employee engagement and development.
  • ESG Solutions: Environmental, Social, and Governance solutions designed to help companies meet compliance standards, enhance sustainability efforts, and improve social responsibility practices.

Looking Ahead

We are thrilled to have the Pilar Branch team on board and are looking forward to growing together. This new alliance will allow us to increase our footprint in Latin America, especially in Argentina and Chile.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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