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As technology and the digital era evolve, more and more companies are looking into software development. Therefore, developers are in high demand, as thousands of companies are looking to hire developers to offer new products and services to their customers.

While in the past companies were looking to hire developers to work in-house, nowadays, there is a growing number of organizations looking to provide freelance options for developers. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this process, as many companies realized it was possible to seek talent not living within 20 blocks of the workplace. This led to an increasing number of developers being sought in different countries, especially in Latin America.

Benefits of outsourcing development in Latin America

Over the years, Latin America has become a huge repository of tech talent. Not only is it filled with outstanding talent, but being able to hire developers in LATAM brings many other benefits that we will now explore.

At WillDom, we count on our remote staff, where the best software developers in Latin America can offer you reliable support and great processes to contribute to your company.

Nonstop Talent

In Latin America, you can find the best candidate to fit your team’s needs.

It’s worth hiring Latin developers since they often have a high level of English in comparison to professionals from other areas of the world. Plus, they have strong development skills across a variety of fields.

Depending on the type of software engineer you are looking for, you may want to seek talent pools from different countries. For instance, if you require developers for mobile technology, it is recommended to search in Argentina or hire Mexican developers. If you need talent for a 3D graphics development project, Brazil is your best option.

Shorter time difference

Thinking about hiring a developer from abroad, you may wonder what it will be like to work with a time difference.

When hiring Latin American software developers, that fear will be removed. While Asian countries can have up to 12 or 15 hours difference from the United States, other countries such as Chile, Argentina, or Mexico have no more than 3 hours of time difference.

Therefore, the members of the different teams are able to be working together at the same time, in order to work collaboratively.

It may save your company some money

Certainly, IT talents, specifically front and back-end developers, are in high demand. As a result, wages requested are quite high, and this is something that happens all over the world.

However, the cost a company may save depends on the type of developer they need. Nevertheless, hiring a developer in Latin America is probably more accessible than hiring one in the U.S.

According to the site tecla.io, for example, in the United States, a developer can earn up to a maximum of $250 per hour. In contrast, the ceiling in Latin America is $75 per hour. 

It’s true that in Asia the maximum a developer can charge is $50, but taking into account the language barrier and the time difference, spending a little more is more convenient.

Note: all the prices correspond to the time this note was published.

In which countries of Latin America should you hire developers

As already mentioned, there are talented developers in many Latin American countries. Among the most popular locations for hiring software engineers are the following:


A remarkable thing about Mexico is that it is home to a good deal of well-known software development firms. These firms rely on professionals with strong backgrounds in the software industry. 


It’s known that Argentine developers have great development skills and produce quality content.

What’s more, Argentina came out first in the ranking of countries with the best software engineering skills in a ranking put together by Coursera in 2019.


Like Mexico, Brazil is also home to a good deal of world-renowned software development firms. In addition, many other companies that are not necessarily of that, have their own development teams.

How to hire Latin American developers

If you’re looking to recruit the best talent in Latin America, there are different options. Let’s explore these:

Companies that connect you with the right talent

Some organizations have created platforms to recruit the best talent in Latin America and connect them with firms needing the best developers. It’s a great way to speed up the search and hiring process.

Look into the right country and its pool of talent

As mentioned before, not every country offers the same pool of talent. If you search for devs on your own, keep in mind that, depending on the project to be carried out, the type of developer that the company needs to hire.

For example, if the company’s project requires online and collaborative work, one of the most crucial things is to choose a country with a small time difference. That is the most effective way to achieve the goal.

Remember, not every developer has the same expertise. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the need and purpose of the development to be carried out, in order to find the perfect talent, whether in Brazil, Argentina, or Mexico, for example.

Prior to beginning the search for a developer, you should have a clear understanding of the essential skills you require from a developer. With that in mind, whether you choose a company to contact you with the ideal talent, or to do the search on your own, it will be an easier task.

If you are interested in learning more about WillDom, connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at WillDom.com.

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