Outsourcing nearshore software development to Latin America

nearshore software development

With the high demand for software development comes a strong need for hiring the best software developers. These are not always around the corner or ten blocks away from the office building, so nearshore software development is often the answer.

When speaking about nearshore software development, what are we talking about exactly? It’s the practice that allows companies to hire qualified employees in countries close to an organization’s home base. This is a very common practice in software development and has several advantages, which we will now explore.

Benefits of outsourcing nearshore development

Outsourcing nearshore software development help companies meet their goals. How? Well, not every firm is ready to afford lots of in-house resources. That’s why outsourcing some of them can help: not only by hiring developers but by hiring service providers nearshore.

On the other hand, companies may not find the exact talent they require in their home place. That’s why hiring nearshore development can be helpful since it gives businesses the flexibility they need to hire the people they require and the services they want to work with.

For example, at WillDom we count on our remote staff, where you can find the best software developers in Latin America. They can offer you reliable support and great processes to contribute to your company. 

Let’s explore some more benefits of outsourcing software development in LATAM.

It’s cost-effective

Certainly, outsourcing can be cheaper in other regions of the world. However, when compared to the cost of hiring specialized services or developers in the United States, contracting them in Latin American countries is still cost-effective.

The quality of the work produced by Latin American professionals is usually really high. That’s why they’re always in demand, and it’s cost-effective hiring them. Moreover, you can choose to employ them in a part-time job or as freelance or project-based, which also means savings for the companies.

Depending on the country in which the talent is sought, costs will vary. The same thing will happen according to how specialized the person you are looking for is.

Similar time-zones

When deciding to outsource, many companies are concerned that deadlines cannot be met due to time zone differences between countries.

By outsourcing professionals or services to countries that are geographically proximate, such fears can be reduced. 

With similar time zones to the United States, time differences may be up to three hours. That means that communication between team members becomes smoother. Plus, online meetings can be scheduled and collaborative work can be carried out without any problems.

Talents availability

Externalizing the recruitment of both services and professionals makes it easier for companies to gain access to a wider pool of talent. 

There is no more restriction for organizations regarding the location of the individuals they’re looking to hire! They are now able to bring the ideal person for the project to their teams, no matter where they are based.

Companies can find engineers with every conceivable skill set, with extensive experience, anywhere in Latin America.

English skills and IT ecosystem

In comparison to other areas of the world where language barriers are a major issue when working together, many countries in Latin America have a strong base of professionals with high levels of English proficiency.

In addition, countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina are growing rapidly in terms of technology. With an incredible and experienced talent pool, many Latin American IT firms are still expanding and are good candidates for partnerships with U.S. companies.

What are the best LATAM countries to outsource development?

Besides what was previously mentioned, it is worth highlighting that Latin American countries also have the benefit of sharing cultural similarities with the United States, both in terms of business and social backgrounds. As a result, it’s more likely for professionals to understand each other faster, which translates to better collaboration in order to meet goals.

Let’s take a look at the best countries for outsourcing software development talent:


This country is well known for the number of high-end professionals available. This also applies specifically to the IT area.

During the last twenty years, technology companies have been established, and the pool of professionals in the technology area is huge.

There are many back-end and front-end developers with incredible skills available for hire. The high quality of work and the reduced cost compared to U.S. professionals make Argentina a great place to look for the next talent for your project.


This Latin American country is known for the number of companies based there. Among those hundreds of companies, many are dedicated to software development and related technology.

As the IT expansion started many years ago, Brazil has a huge pool of talent with many years of experience that can contribute a lot to any U.S. company that decides to hire Brazilian talent.


This is another country that has been expanding its IT culture for several years. Its digital transformation has enabled Colombia to acquire a large pool of talented technology professionals willing to work with companies from all over the world. 

In addition, the high level of English of its IT professionals makes working together easier and smoother.

If you would like to learn more on these topics, hire the best developers, be part of WillDom’s ecosystem or get in touch with us, feel free to visit us at our LinkedIn profile, or at Willdom.com.

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