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Best OS For Programming In 2023

September 12, 2023


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In today’s competitive markets, it is always important to stay ahead of your competitors. That is fundamental for business. With that in mind, we here at WIllDom have been tasked with finding the best OS for programming this year.

This question can come with multiple answers due to one simple fact: there is no real best option out there. There are many solid and even well-loved choices, but none have won the all-out title of “best”.

Instead, we will be showing off what we think are the best options for programmers and developers in general. We will also go into depth as to why these options are so highly ranked and why they have made it to our list.

What is an OS?

An operating system (or OS for short) is the software on your computer that handles all of the computations and data processing. You can think of it as the medium through which your computer was taught to think. It is the gateway between hardware and software. 

Every computer in existence has an operating system. Most come from retailers or massive community projects, few are homemade. All of our options for the best OS for programming come from the prior two options.

The advantage of having an OS and not just having data displayed on a screen is fairly huge, and can be done in many different ways. Just as not every human being thinks the same way, computers can be taught to think differently than others, or can even organize data in certain ways. The differences between operating systems is often the way data is organized and how it is presented to the user. So which OS is the best for programming?

Windows Wants To Be The Best OS For Programming

An old but always current OS, Windows has constantly been in the running for best OS for programming. It offers users massive amounts of versatility and customization while having a core visual language that millions of people are familiar with. 

The main advantages of working on Windows are such:

  1. Security features out of the box: Windows has many security features that come standard on any of their machines that make it easy and simple to secure files. With the different accounts, each having differing access and even anti-virus software included, Windows computers start safe and can only be made safer. 
  2. Lower average price: A computer with Windows already on it is not a hard thing to come by. Many Beginner-level computers can be found at big-box retailers for $150 most days. This makes the barrier of entry incredibly low, especially if you are interested in upgrades. 
  3. Upgrades and customization: Windows systems can be entirely tailored to their user. Whether you switch hardware or software, they will keep rolling. The OS is not tech-specific and can run on simple machines all the way to incredibly advanced computers.

Linux Has Potential Only Limited By The User

Though well known in programming circles, few standard consumers know that Linux is a great competitor for the best OS for programming. As an open-source program, it has no advertising, just word of mouth.

This aside however, many professionals feel as though Linux, and its upgraded forms, are a perfect match for programming. The OS has a much higher emphasis on coding, even with some basic functions working line-by-line. The overall advantages of working with Linux are:

  1. Open source software: By being an open source option, Linux and its versions are not only free to use but come with a massive community. This sense of teamwork infused into the OS can make it a great space to work in. It also means that documentation is often easy to find and there are no hidden features. 
  2. Great for multitasking: Any of the forms of Linux excel at having multiple operations running at the same time. While RAM is split, it manages to balance each task well and can highlight and actively update whatever program you choose to focus on mid-task.
  3. Multi-use OS: With Linux, multiple users can work on one device simultaneously without interruption. They also cannot overwrite any data that the other users may be currently using.

Even with just these two options, there can be a bevy of choices to make. If you need help finding the best solution or your office, then we here at WillDom would love to help. Our world-spanning roster of developers are always willing to help you find the best OS for programming. They can also bring in a world of experience to any project that needs a special touch.

Mac Is Specific But Highly Optimized

As our last option for today, Mac stands out still while competing for the best OS for programming. It comes standard (and free) on any apple device and has defined many features that are now industry standard. IT can also connect to any other device running Mac seamlessly for data delivery and sharing. Here are some more of Mac’s advantages:

  1. Optimized speeds: Mac downloads and runs tasks very quickly, having been optimized for less interruptions between programs as you move around. 
  2. Large support teams and constant updates: When you need help with a Mac-based issue, it is easy to get in contact with an engineer. They even have brick-and-mortar locations for tech help. The OS also receives regular updates with new features and patches.
  3. Hard to crack: Being tied into one type of hardware, Mac users experience much fewer cyber attacks and have higher general security on average. Having fewer variables to protect can make the job simpler if you can’t customize each component.

Ready to try the best OS for programming? Contact us at WillDom.

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