Reviewing PHP vs Python

php vs python

A scripting language is used in computer coding to make technology function as a user sees it. The two main languages used in web development are PHP and Python. While both are good choices for beginners, let’s look at PHP vs Python so you can determine which is best for your use.

When looking at PHP vs Python in web development, we will first look at the definition of each and then dive deep into the benefits the two programming languages offer.

What is Python?

Python is an object oriented high level interpreted programming language. Using only a few lines of code, it is one of the quickest programming languages to implement. Python developers make coding simple. WillDom’s team of developers can help with all your coding needs. Through Python web development, developers design beautiful code for your programming needs.

What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP, is a scripting language used on the server side. While not used for general-purpose programming, it is great for easily creating web content. This fast and free language is fantastic for beginners.

PHP vs Python

Here are some key ways the two languages differ. Examining their benefits and features will direct your programming language choice.

Key Features

Python is meant for quick development and consists of aesthetic code that flows like a story. Python web development utilizes dynamic typing; a compiler or interpreter assigns a type to the variables when the code is run. This gives it the advantage of being quick to code and easy to debug.

PHP is open-source, accessible to anyone, and easy to use which makes it a good choice for beginners. Its accessibility also boosts its popularity. And its continual updates, it keeps improving its coding abilities. PHP is one of the fastest coding languages on the user side.

Type of Language

One way to determine which coding language to use is to examine your code’s purpose. Python is a general-purpose programming language, while PHP is specifically a web development programming language. Python has fewer limitations on what it can do.

Learning Curve

There is a longer learning curve with Python so it is better in long-term projects where you have the time to learn the skill. On the other hand, PHP is easier to get started with because it has a relatively short learning curve.

PHP is great when you need to get started quickly, while Python is great because it can be used for a wide breadth of development needs.


A web framework supports the development of web applications. They give developers tools to design common web development activities which reduce the overall time the project will take.

Python has a smaller number of frameworks available compared to PHP. Python uses Flask, Django, and PHP uses frameworks such as Slim, Laravel, and CodeIgniter.


With its often-updated programming, PHP is currently around three times faster than Python. PHP is clearly the winner when it comes to speed on the user side. Python has a more complex range as a general programming language which can slow it down.

Database Connectivity 

Database connectivity allows the server software to communicate with the development side of the software. Details such as username or hostname are passed between servers and a connection is made. PHP uses over twenty databases, while Python is not as widely supported.


Both are popular with different communities. Python is widely used in data science, Artificial Intelligence, and the scientific community. Because PHP is specifically a web development language, it is more popular amongst web developers.


Python uses indentation enforcements, similar to paragraph indentations, causing it to look neat and enhance readability. PHP language follows a classic coding approach and is a bit more complex to read.


Python vs PHP: Python is simpler and quicker to debug. Because Python is a dynamic code, (the type is assigned at the time of use), it is easier to debug than PHP. Python has a debugger that works at the press of a button, while PHP needs an external debugger.


All languages use syntax, a set of rules for arranging words and sentences. Just like human languages use syntax differently in languages, computer languages follow different syntax patterns ranging from simple to complex. 

Python’s code is clear, concise, and easy to remember. It flows smoothly. PHP’s syntax is less common in comparison, but has a wide built-in library of naming conventions.

PHP vs Python: Which One is Better?

Both PHP and Python have great features and benefits. Python is a gateway to the world of computer programming. PHP makes it easier for beginners to immediately get started with web development.

The answer to this question can mostly be determined by the programming purpose. Python is great for AI and general programming, while PHP is specifically for web development. Determining the purpose of coding can point you in the right direction as you choose your preferred language. 

Now you know all of PHP vs Python! We know that learning to code is a complex process, but with us, you can simplify it. Visit our website or contact us on LinkedIn for more information about web developers and all our end-to-end tech solutions.

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