What are the best skills required for a qualified Android developer?

What are the skills required for an Android developer?

Do you love the idea of developing apps for Android phones? Maybe you’re passionate about the tech world and want to understand if this is the right path for your career. Therefore, it’s important for you to learn about the skills and responsibilities of Android developers.

Creating a mobile app always sounds like fun, right? But building one requires a lot of understanding of programming, as well as knowledge of technology as a whole. Android developers must ensure that they create quality end-products that work for whoever commissioned them with the project. 

Learning what’s necessary to become part of the Android app developers’ world guarantees that you’ll always find a good job position. Thousands of companies around the world are looking for developers to build software for them. They do so to stay in the game in a world that offers something new to users every day. Let’s explore this topic a little more.

Responsibilities while working

As said a few paragraphs earlier, becoming an expert in Android development will guarantee you’ll always have a good job. Companies are not only looking to hire in-house developers, but they also hire remote staff with the necessary expertise to carry out certain projects. 

For example, at WillDom we are dedicated to finding the right fit for both the experts that work with us and the companies that contact us looking to hire dedicated Android developers.

Depending on the company you’re working with, you’ll face several responsibilities. Among them, we find the following.

Designing and building apps

This is the main task of an Android developer. Including thinking of the design and building it by writing the code. 

Developers always have to make sure that the app functions correctly and try to avoid any possible bugs.

Keep an open eye for new technologies

Though a developer may have mastered lots of skills and tools, the high-tech world is always changing and modernizing. 

That’s why developers must pay attention to what’s new to add value to the product they’re or have designed in the past.

Being open to collaborating

Developers must know they’ll need to communicate with different team members to make the best app. That includes UI and UX designers, writers, and back-end developers. Good communication skills are a must.

Must-have skills for becoming an Android developer

Among the technical and non-technical skills required to become a good Android developer, there are:

Expertise in Java

Java is the most spread programming language when it comes to Android development.  

To become an Android developer, you must have deep knowledge of its syntax and structure, and understand that it’s object-oriented.

Android SDK

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. They’re Java code modules that let developers access several Android functions.

You must also have knowledge of Android documentation and a variety of resources that will help you with SDK.

XML basic knowledge

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. In Android development, it’s mostly used to access data from the web. 

XML lets developers create layouts to define Android applications. Mastering this is key to becoming a great developer.

Android Studio

It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android. It comes with a variety of features that can be useful for developers.

For example, it has code debuggers integrated that run through the entire code to identify any bugs. That allows developers to fix them quickly. 

The importance of databases

It’s likely that you’ll create an application that requires a large amount of data to function. That data won’t live inside your application, but rather your app will interact with different databases that will store all that information.

Understanding how libraries and databases work in connection with the application you’re developing is also an essential part of Android app development.

The great APIS world

Many apps have embedded integrations. That’s the query information from a third-party service to provide it back to the users.

For example, users may need to check Google Maps. To do so, you need to integrate that Google API within your app.

What’s the Google Play developer’s console, and why is it relevant?

The creation of developers’ console Android is great news! With this platform that Google provided to Android developers, they can now understand how the apps they have created are performing. In addition, they can publish them on Google Play.

The Google Play Developer Console app for Android allows Android developers to keep track of their financial data at any time, monitor the performance statistics of their apps, and reply to users. Plus, developers will receive notifications about changes in the publication and on the status of their applications. This helps visualize all this information so developers and businesses can make key decisions. Remember: data equals knowledge.

At WillDom we count on a large community of software developers of which you can become part. One benefit we offer is that you can work remotely while being part of challenging projects that will give you more experience and greater skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re looking for in an Android developer, visit us at WillDom.com or connect with us via LinkedIn.

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