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software development framework

A software development framework is a foundation for developing software applications. A framework is a package made of image files, reference documents, and libraries to assist a developer in their project. These frameworks can be modified for the specific project.

Software development frameworks make a developer’s job easier and preserve the integrity of code. It is built with industry standards so the code functions as it should.

What are the best frameworks for software development? 


This JavaScript framework is good for high-functioning dynamically built web pages. Youtube and Upwork are some popular applications built with Angular. With its large community, an abundance of resources is available to make your programming the best it can be.


  • Open source: Angular is free and accessible to anyone.
  • Easy to maintain: updates and simple changes are easy to input into this framework.


  • Mandatory JavaScript support: if a system is JavaScript disabled, Angular won’t work.


Easily builds user interfaces with this JavaScript framework. Grammarly and Behance are two popular applications that use the Vue software development framework.


  • Small download size: because of the download size, it downloads quickly so you can get to work faster. 


  • Language barrier: programmers who only speak English may come into contact with directions and support group discussions written in Chinese, for example. This can make certain uses of the application inaccessible for some.


Another framework using Javascript language is Gatsby. This static site-creating framework comes from the React library.


  • SEO: the search engine Google uses a set of standards to determine what pops up first when you input a search. Gatsby checks each SEO standard which helps configuration to boost effectiveness.
  • Fast Loading: this framework produces fast-loading web pages.


  • No Graphic User Interface: a Graphic User Interface is a set of icons that carry out commands. The absence of this means the application can’t be used right away. Development must be completed before use because the text-based commands must be put in.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails uses the programming language Ruby to create this framework. Rails is the first framework to use the Model-View-Controller principle. The model defines the relationship between objects and the database, the view is the template and the controller combines the previous two. Groupon and Hulu were coded with the Ruby on Rails F framework.


  • Community support: there is a huge community to support a developer’s code in Ruby. The community is always near to lend a helping hand.
  • Tools available: the high number of resources available in Ruby optimizes build time.


  • Lack of flexibility: because Ruby is set up to be built quickly by using default code, there is not a lot of room for creativity. This may frustrate some developers who love to create code from scratch.


DJango is the most used Python network. This open-source framework rapidly programs web applications. Programmers used Django to build Instagram and Eventbrite. 


  • Security: Django is a secure software development framework. This framework includes the prevention of common attacks, bumping up overall safety.
  • Python capabilities: DJango is written with Python, so it leverages its capabilities. This means it is productive, simple, and has an external library.


  • Lack of conventions: because every code needs to be explicitly defined, it can take more time than its counterparts.


Laravel uses PHP language to code web applications. This primary back-end framework has a lot of built-in features to make coding a breeze. Pfizer and the BBC use the Laravel framework.


  • Simple code: a large amount of pre-coded functions available in the library make coding simple in Laravel.
  • Easy to learn: because of the simple coding, Laravel is great for beginners.


  • Lack of support: Laravel is lightweight so it lacks the support of a more robust framework.


Express uses Node.js in this web framework. This open-source technology has access to third-party libraries making customization opportunities vast. Netflix and Paypal are famous examples of Express-built websites.


  • Full stack privilege: this allows the framework to work on the front-end and back-end of development.
  • Extensive support: because of its popularity, the support available is extensive, making it accessible to many programmers.


  • Loss of productivity: code in this framework must be built from scratch. This can take a large amount of time and it can seem like there may be better choices with pre-programmed functions.

Why should you use a software development framework?

  1. Simplifying Programming Languages: functions, or programmed chunks of code, are built into frameworks specified to the framework.
  2. Reusability: frameworks are reusable making them quick to use once you learn the framework.
  3. Streamlines Development Process: frameworks work like templates that allow you to modify and perform to your desire with code.

No matter the framework you use, it can reduce your total work time. To further maximize your time, Willdom specializes in end-to-end tech solutions such as software development frameworks. Our programmers are framework experts and can be the programming solution you need. Visit our website or our LinkedIn profile to learn more.

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