Software Development: Episode 1. Check Out WillDom’s New Podcast, Tech Terminal.

An Introduction to the Series, and Episode 1 Software Development

An Introduction to the Series, and Episode 1 Software Development.

Have you been hearing about all of the buzz around podcasts? Maybe you’ve even joined in and have begun listening, yourself! A podcast is an audio program that is broken down into episodes where hosts share stories, information, messages, and more. The world of podcasting has been growing exponentially with people finding themselves either listening to or creating hours of content they truly identify with. 

The WillDom team has decided to enter the realm as creators. With years of experience in the fields of technology, software, and engineering, our team is looking to deliver diverse topics sharing innovative strategies around software development. For instance, the first episode focuses on exactly this, and the steps taken to optimize the development process. 

Key highlight points will include the importance of continuous optimization, long-term thinking in product development, and the importance of constant development and innovation. Software has become a driving force in the growth of companies within all industries. From keeping a competitive edge to enriching customer experience in usage, this constant development and investment create great benefits for both those experiencing and administering it. The software should remain responsive and develop as the business does in order to keep up with changes in customer, market, and the company’s own needs.

WillDom’s work goes beyond networking and creating a collaborative ecosystem, as we remain involved at every step of our partners’ projects. From the sourcing process to the finalization, we are involved in it all; therefore, we understand and have experiences to share about what it takes to build effective teams and leverage existing assets to continuously grow and develop software.

Other great topics like MVPs and project development will be discussed with insights as we address key questions like “how long a project should take” and “how to make better estimations”. There will also be episodes featuring special guests who will share their professional perspectives from within their field and throughout their careers. 

Whether they’re looking to implement new strategies and information in their company or simply have an interest in any of the fields or topics, listeners will be met with a one-of-a-kind experience – the WillDom experience. Visit our to hear our very first episode on software development and keep up with new episodes every month.

You can list to our first episode on Spotify by clicking on the below link:

Episode 1 Software Development.

Until episode 2 drops, we encourage you to visit us at or connect with us on LinkedIn to learn how WillDom can collaborate with you on your software development needs.

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