Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting

staff augmentation vs consulting

A well-thought-out outsourcing strategy can help businesses increase their profits, improve quality and reduce risk. Companies need to understand the different types of outsourcing and determine the best method for their particular needs.

Staff augmentation and consulting services are two popular outsourcing strategies. In this article, we will discuss both approaches, staff augmentation vs. consulting, in detail so you can better decide which method suits your business.

What Is the Staff Augmentation Model?

The staff augmentation model is a sourcing strategy in which a staff augmentation company is responsible for sourcing and managing personnel, ensuring their qualifications match the client’s requirements. This approach allows companies to benefit from extra personnel without the commitment of a full-time employee.

The advantages of staff augmentation

Cost savings

Businesses can save time and money by utilizing staff augmentation instead of hiring and managing a full-time employee.

Access to specialized skills

Staff augmentation services allow a business to source specialized technical knowledge and capabilities that its internal team may need to possess.

Scalability & flexibility

Through the IT staff augmentation model, businesses can adjust their resource levels to suit their projects’ needs without committing to a permanent increase in personnel.

Increased productivity

Businesses can become more efficient and successful by hiring qualified, experienced personnel to carry out specific tasks.

Potential challenges with staff augmentation

Poor quality of work

Poor quality of work can cause frustration and dissatisfaction among stakeholders, who may have to wait longer and pay more for a project that is not up to the expected standard.

Make sure the staff augmentation companies you are considering have the experience to uphold high-quality standards by researching them extensively.

Poor communication

Poor communication can have a detrimental impact on team dynamics, leading to misunderstandings and hindering collaboration.

Clearly outline the scope of work from the beginning to prevent any confusion or misinterpretation.

Hidden costs

Hidden costs can be a significant challenge in project planning, as they can create unexpected delays if not considered from the beginning.

Anticipate any additional costs and maintain regular communication with your staff augmentation provider to ensure that both parties clearly understand all pricing agreements.

Lack of trust

When trust is lacking, it is difficult to form meaningful connections and foster the sense of unity needed for successful teamwork.

Take the time to foster a strong connection with the external team to ensure everyone strives for the same goals.

With WillDom, for example, lack of trust will never be an issue. WillDom has a network of professionals committed to integrity and professionalism, making them the ideal choice for any job.

When is staff augmentation the best choice?

Staff augmentation is a highly effective solution when the company requires immediate and efficient delivery of results. This model allows for dynamic personnel adjustments, increasing or decreasing staff whenever the project demands it.

What Is the Consulting Model?

Consulting generally involves a consultant working with a client to identify areas where the client can improve their business operations and overall project management. When you opt for project-based consulting services, the consultant will analyze the client’s current strategies and provide guidance, advice, and improvement recommendations.

The advantages of consulting

Increased efficiency

A consulting agency can streamline processes, saving time, energy, and resources in the long run.


Consulting agencies are not involved in the business’s day-to-day operations and can bring a neutral and unbiased perspective to project managers.


Consultants with specific skills can help clients make better decisions and develop new strategies that lead to successful project completion.


Consultants can help the client think outside the box and develop innovative solutions that may not have been considered during project planning.

Potential challenges with consulting services

Lack of expertise

If the consultant does not have the necessary skills or expertise, the project results could be unsatisfactory, or the consultant could be unable to deliver on the promised results.

Before engaging a consultant, research their background and qualifications, including specialist and generalist skills, to ensure they fit the company culture.

Unsustainable solutions

In some cases, a consultant may provide temporary solutions that require constant upkeep or may offer solutions that are difficult to maintain in the long term, leading to additional costs and wasted resources.

Ask the consultant to present a range of solutions, discuss the pros and cons of each solution, and weigh up the long-term impact of each.

Difficulty measuring results

If objectives are not set in advance, it can be challenging to determine whether the consultant has achieved the desired results or provided value for money.

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the project’s progress and measure the consulting services’ success.

Misaligned goals

If the consultant and the company have different objectives, it can lead to disagreements, resulting in a lack of progress and a decrease in project quality.

Clearly define the project’s goals before you employ project-based consulting agencies to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When are consulting services the best choice?

Project-based consulting firms can be the best choice when a business needs advice from experienced project managers on a specific issue, needs help evaluating options, or wants an objective and unbiased opinion.

Staff Augmentation vs Consulting

What Is the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services?

The primary difference between staff augmentation and consulting services is that staff augmentation involves adding employees to a company’s existing staff to increase capacity. On the other hand, project-based consulting agencies provide advice and guidance to a company on a specific issue or project.

Which one is right for my business?

The choice between staff augmentation vs. consulting varies depending on each business’s needs. Staff augmentation is often a good choice for businesses that need additional expertise or capacity for a specific task. Hiring consulting services is a better option if you need guidance from a specialist with multiple projects in a particular field.

Factors to consider when choosing between staff augmentation and consulting services

Short-term and long-term implications must be considered when considering a staff augmentation or consulting approach. To make the best decision for the organization, consider the following questions:

Short term

  • Business objectives and IT needs: What IT capabilities are required to meet our current business objectives? How will our IT needs evolve over the coming months? What are the best approaches for achieving our IT objectives?
  • Internal resources and expertise: What in-house IT and staffing resources do we have? How can we best supplement our internal resources and expertise? How do we ensure that our staff is up-to-date with the latest technologies?
  • Budget and cost considerations: What is our staffing and IT services budget? How do staff augmentation and consulting services compare in terms of cost? How can we ensure we get the most value for our money?
  • Control and flexibility requirements: What control do we need over the IT services provided? How important is the ability to scale up/down our resources quickly? What strategies can we use to manage costs while maintaining flexibility?

Long term

  • Talent acquisition and retention strategies: How can we identify and attract the right talent for our organization? What methods can we use to ensure that we retain key personnel? How can we use staff augmentation and consulting to help us achieve our talent objectives?
  • Skill development and knowledge transfer: How can we best ensure our staff are up-to-date with the latest technologies? What strategies can we use to bridge the gaps between existing and new personnel? How can staff augmentation and consulting help us develop our skill sets?
  • Scalability and adaptability: What are our current and future scalability needs? How important is the ability to quickly scale up/down our resources? What strategies can we use to ensure that we remain agile and adaptive?
  • Technological advancements and industry trends: What are the latest technological advancements we must know? How can we leverage these advancements to stay ahead of the competition? What strategies can we use to ensure our IT services remain current with industry trends?
  • Long-term cost efficiency: How can we ensure that our IT services remain cost-effective in the long run? What strategies can we use to reduce costs without sacrificing quality? Do staff augmentation and consulting offer post-launch support?
  • Strategic partnerships and vendor relationships: What is the best strategy for building successful partnerships? How can we ensure we get the most value from our vendor relationships? What strategies can we use to keep our vendor relationships solid and productive?
  • Organizational agility and resilience: How can we ensure our organization remains agile and adaptive? What strategies can we use to anticipate and respond quickly to market changes? How can staff augmentation and consulting help us stay resilient in the face of disruption?
  • Innovation and competitive advantage: What strategies can we use to stay ahead? How can we ensure that our IT services remain innovative? How can staff augmentation and consulting help us achieve our competitive advantage?

Staff Augmentation Real-Life Case Studies

WillDom is a top staff augmentation provider that has helped multiple clients worldwide reach their objectives by supplying knowledgeable and experienced specialists to enhance their existing in-house team.

WillDom’s staff augmentation case studies demonstrate how companies have used this strategy to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

WillDom’s success story with staff augmentation in the sports industry

WillDom‘s customer provides a cloud-based sports management solution that assists sports event organizers with their operations, online registration, and keeping teams on time.

To help them achieve their goals, WillDom provided a team of native app developers to improve operational efficiency, fix functionality issues, and develop new features that enhanced the platform’s usability.

Thanks to the team’s commitment to the customer’s culture and roadmap, the project was completed: Meeting the customer’s needs in due time and with the desired results.

WillDom’s success story with staff augmentation in the healthcare industry

WillDom‘s client is a leading company in the healthcare industry, transforming healthcare delivery by providing organizations with a comprehensive platform to treat patients during their care journey.

To reach their goal of 20K users, WillDom developers joined their team and contributed to the Backend, Frontend, Mobile, and QA. They improved the assessment and monitoring process, improved push notifications, created new forms to boost data collection, and improved mobile and visual designs, among other things.

As of August 2020, there were six developers on board, and WillDom looks forward to continuing to add value and be a critical factor in the client’s business success.

Can Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services Be Combined?

Yes, staff augmentation and consulting services can be combined. Staff augmentation provides the personnel necessary to accomplish a particular goal and consulting guides how best to achieve that goal.

This can be a great way to bring a project to completion, as it combines the expertise of experienced consultants with the ability to scale up a project with the right staff quickly.

The Future of IT

The possibilities of IT are limitless and inspiring, offering the promise of increased efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Impact of Emerging Technologies on Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services

The emergence of new technologies has drastically changed the way staff augmentation and consulting services are used. Companies are now looking to adopt innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of their operations and make the most of the available resources.

As a result, the demand for staff augmentation and project-based consulting services has increased significantly. Businesses are turning to these services to help them implement cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies.

The Growing Importance of Remote Work and the Gig Economy

The gig economy and remote work have become increasingly popular, especially as more and more businesses shift to digital operations. This has created a tremendous opportunity for staff augmentation and consulting services, as they can provide the necessary expertise to help companies navigate the changing landscape.

Staying Ahead of the Curve and Adapting to the Changing IT Landscape

As the IT landscape evolves, companies must stay ahead of the curve and adapt. Staff augmentation and consulting services can be beneficial, as they can provide the necessary expertise and resources to help companies implement new technologies.

Additionally, these services can help businesses keep their operations up to date and ensure they takee advantage of the latest technologies and trends.

Staff Augmentation vs Consulting

Making the Right Choice – Let WillDom Help!

Choosing between staff augmentation vs. consulting services can get frustrating, especially when both options have so much to offer. At WillDom, we have an experienced team of professionals who are ready to help you assess your needs, budget, and timeline to determine which option is best for you.

Contact WillDom today to find the best staffing solution for your business!

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