Tech Terminal, Episode 3: The Importance of End-to-end Testing

Tech Terminal, Episode 3: The Importance of End-to-end Testing

WillDom’s Tech Terminal is back! Let us give you a sneak peak of the insight that awaits you on this month’s episode over on Spotify. Our focus will be around the savior of all development mishaps: testing.

In this episode, Chris Cox sets us all on the same page: testing isn’t important…it’s vital! As obvious as it may sound, many IT organizations skip over this development stage due to pressure from partners and employers. 

But don’t let the pressure get to you, because just as goals and strategies are unanimously set for projects, there must be a collaborative effort involving both business and tech teams to reach full efficiency and deliver beyond expectation. Removing roadblocks in the communication process allows for a seamless flow between the teams with IT explaining the methods to our madness and the business sharing feedback, setting realistic deadlines, and so forth. This allows for sufficient time for essential testing to take place at different stages of the project. 

Looking for a little storytime about it? Chris shared a personal account of the chaos brought to a project due to lack of transparency and communication between the business group and his IT team.

To set the stage for the episode, Chris addressed the importance of following best practices right from the get-go. Analyzing and running full end-to-end tests before transferring data from a development server to a live server provides a level of immunity against bugs, malfunctions, and setbacks down the road. Want more? Tune in to the new episode of Tech Terminal and follow us on Spotify 

Tech Terminal, Episode 3: The Importance of End-to-end Testing

Got any questions for Chris? Maybe even stories of your own? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

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