Tech terminal. Episode 6: How to Solve Agile Development Misconceptions

Agile Development

Chris Cox, managing director of WillDom Orlando, and Rodrigo Parra, managing director of WillDom Paraguay, are hitting the brakes and addressing the myths and misconceptions associated with agile development in episode 6 of WillDom’s Tech Terminal. With Chris’ business-savvy approach and Rodrigo’s technical expertise in development, this week’s episode is packed with industry insight, real stories/experiences, tips, and more.

Agile Development

To kick off the conversation, they address what agile development isn’t, as many who aren’t knowledgeable of the subject have a blurred perception of this type of development. The first step, and possibly the most important, to setting your development project up for success is having a clear understanding of the “stakes” you are taking as a stakeholder. 

If you go into agile development not grasping the essence of the approach or being blindsided at each step of the process, you will miss out on what an agile approach has to offer. The quality of work can only be optimized with both parties (developers and stakeholders) being on the same page as far as deliverables, expectations, strategies, and so forth.

Agile development provides freedom and flexibility to respond to ongoing internal and external market changes. A quick reaction is essential to survival and overall success in the ever-changing world of technology, especially in the post-pandemic environment. Chris and Rodrigo reflected on a project in which the processes employed with agile development allowed them to predict drastic changes in the industry with the user analysis they had conducted earlier on. The process also allowed them to differentiate the end software application in the already saturated market.

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