The Cost of Onboarding – Why it is Important to Hire Right

Onboarding new talent is expensive. This post discovers tips and tricks on how to rightsource the best talent.

HR departments spend countless hours brainstorming and putting systems into place to do the proper onboarding of new hires, but why is this so important? While there are a variety of areas that organizations consider important for bringing in new talent, cost is a huge incentive. Case-in-point: A number of industry reports have indicated that it costs more than $4,000 to onboard an employee – such as filing paperwork, providing necessary technology, ramping up productivity, etc. – so getting it right the first time is imperative.

WillDom prides itself on being a leader in connecting organizations with the best tech professionals to advance their digital transformation needs. Based on our work, below are a few thoughts on how companies can consider hiring the right candidates:

  • Every Relationship is an Opportunity – Always seek to establish proactive relationships, meaning that you should always be trying to connect, engage, and stay in communication with those you meet. Get a good sense of their capabilities, work interests, and background. It’s not only about sharing a resume, it’s about sharing a story. You’ll be able to place the right professionals with the right opportunity when you have more to go on than just a resume.
  • Patience is a Virtue – Talent is scarce, and the demand from companies is continually rising. However, having tunnel vision when it comes to sourcing talent doesn’t always work out well. Keep cultivating your network and stay closely connected with those that might be an asset in the future. By thinking more long-term than short-term, you’ll have greater success in sourcing the right talent when you need it. 
  • Look Beyond the Glow of the Screen: Soft Skills are Defining the Future of Work. Those who find a way to combine their hard skills with soft skills create environments that empower and ignite their teams, delight their customers, and fuel sustainable growth.
  • Culture is Key: As technology has enabled talent to be sourced from all over the world, being able to understand the complexity of culture is very important. For example, different cultures approach work in different ways, and is very nuanced in regards to what motivates them. Having a local office or presence helps create more of a team atmosphere that can properly cater to an ecosystem and foster the social norms of specific cultures. 

Onboarding Right is part of Rightsourcing too

Money, time, and effort are all precious commodities in today’s business landscape, and being able to acquire the best talent should be a realistic end result. Remember that connecting talent with organizations requires a human touch, relationships should be fostered even if there’s no opportunity at the moment, and soft skills are becoming as important as hard skills.

For more tips on bringing in quality tech talent, check out our revamped website. To learn more about our successes in sourcing the best software development and other tech talents, and how that has translated into successful campaigns and projects for top tech organizations, connect with one of our WillDom reps today.

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