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reactjs developer

With an ever-increasing demand for the need for digitalization, developers have become an essential element within every type of industry. Due to their labor, the shift to a digital approach through apps and platforms has opened new doors for businesses. Both a challenging and dynamic field, it’s no secret that this career path has become of interest to many professionals. For tech talents, being a ReactJS Developer may seem like the next step in pivoting their area of expertise. However, is this job really for everyone?

What is React?

First launched in 2013, React is a JavaScript library used in web development to build user interfaces (UI). Ran by both Facebook and the tech community, this has been employed by front-end developers from all over the world. Thanks to its features and functionality, companies that have relied on ReactJS include Uber, Instagram, and Netflix. Other reasons for its growing popularity and the increase in ReactJS developers consist of:

  • Combining both HTML and JavaScript concepts that are familiar to the developer thus being easy to employ.
  • Enabling the JavaScript Syntax Extensions (JSX) as a visual aid when working with JavaScript codes.
  • Utilizing reusable components which minimizes the app or website’s development process.
  • Employing the virtual DOM to compare and update items, therefore reducing the time for creating web apps.

Overall, its preferential use by the ReactJS Developer sector has to do with the library’s dynamic, and functional features.

Being a ReactJS Developer

ReactJS Developers are front-end developers whose task is to enhance mobile and web apps based on JavaScript implementing UI elements. Just like modern-day architects for apps, they’re in charge of the way a user will interact with the website page. 

To achieve this, they collaborate alongside a professional team to translate the business needs and requirements into a functional app.

At WillDom we’re always looking for developers to join our company. If you are interested in being part of the team and WillDom’s Ecosystem as one, connect with us and send us your resume. 

Also, if your company needs developers, you can contact us so we can provide you with the best team based on your needs.

Onto the ugly truth of being a ReactJS Developer

All in all, the perks of both the JavaScript library and being a react programmer have been discussed. Sure, the benefits may seem plenty when thinking about a profitable job in a highly requested market, right? Not really. Let’s go through 5 harsh truths about being a ReactJS Developer.

1. It’s a highly competitive market

The tech industry seems to have skyrocketed during the last few years, encouraging many professionals to dive into this field. This only increased the business and e-commerce necessities that surfaced during the pandemic. 

However, this high rate of tech talent has made this profession one of the most competitive in the market. This means you’re competing with thousands of ambitious developers whose experience, skills, knowledge, or even fees may be more appealing. This brings the next topic into question: let’s talk about money.

2. Is it that well-paid?

You may have heard stories of developers making six figures or more all while working on remote jobs and projects. Of course, that looks appealing to almost everyone, but it’s not the reality. 

One downside of remote working is that clients can hire programmers from countries where their wages and fees are way lower. Consider that you’re not only competing with programmers in your job area, but with prospects from all over the world. This, of course, translates into fewer opportunities for well-paid projects, as well as less job growth.

3. Prepare yourself for the long hours

Now it’s time to talk about something that is way too real: the long and odd work hours. Prepare yourself to sit in front of a screen for days at no end while completing various tasks. 

There’s indeed a high job demand, but this is just the result of the heavy workload. You’ll often need to work overtime in order to meet deadlines that you have no control over. And yes, this includes non-business hours as well as weekends and even holidays. In the long term, this represents a continuously stressful and demanding job.

4. Freelancing is not all about “being your own boss”

On the surface, being a freelance react developer may come off as beneficial when thinking about being your own boss. 

But it’s not all about flexibility and independence though, keep in mind you’ll need to build your professional network. This implies you’ll need to be searching for your clients while juggling numerous projects at the same time. 

Yes, you can establish your work schedule. However, you’re still expected to meet deadlines and deal with clients who may not understand what your tasks consist of.

5. Being a ReactJS expert doesn’t guarantee success

There are lots of perks that come along with being a JavaScript expert. However, pivoting your profession into becoming a react developer is not for everyone. 

Of course, apart from managing JavaScript, you must be knowledgeable in HTML, Git, and CSS tools. And that’s just for starters, other factors that may come into play when succeeding in this field have to do with your location, skills, and years of experience. Overall, the chances of finding that one great project or job position are low.

When balancing pros and cons, it’s best to ask yourself if being a ReactJS Developer is the right choice for you. Want to get more info or connect with developers? Be sure to check out our LinkedIn or visit us at

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