The WillDom Manifesto

WillDom Manifesto, talent, innovation, and values that guide our decisions

We’re proud to share with you The WillDom Manifesto – the ideas and beliefs that guide our every decision and dictate how we interact with our ecosystem – and beyond. Our vision statement is more than a list of our core values, it transcends the company and proclaims what we truly believe in, what kind of world we want to be part of, and how we want to live, both professionally and personally. 

  • We strongly believe in democratizing the software industry and impacting people’s lives, unlocking the value of diversity, and creating unique professional and economic opportunities for our team and partners. 
  • We think differently, aim for excellence, and look to have a big impact in the industries we operate in. 
  • We empower our customers’ business with the latest technology, fully committing to not only understanding their technology needs and providing the best talent, but also their business challenges and how technology can help solve them in order to transform their organization.
  • Trust is at the foundation of what we do, which translates into allowing us to build strong relationships with our customers and partners. This instills greater collaboration, resulting in software and products that are changing the world.
  • In our organizational culture, power is distributed throughout the organization – giving individuals and teams freedom while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.
  • We engage with the best talent around the world and we build a work culture together. Every member of our team is encouraged to solve important problems, have the flexibility to take on diverse tasks, and move between teams freely, taking ownership of their products and responsibilities, and even bring their own projects. We vow to work together to make them grow.
  • We believe in knowledge-sharing and deep collaboration within our teams, allowing us to innovate in ways that others can’t. 

Willdom’s Vision Statement

We hope that our vision statement has given you insight into the lifeblood of WillDom and the importance we place on not only the technology aspect, but the human connection. It’s through interaction and personal contact that makes what we do so powerful. We would love the opportunity to share more about how our vision can help make a dramatic impact – whether it’s within your company, joining our ecosystem as a technologist, or just life in general. To learn more about our vision and company, we invite you to visit our website to get started today!

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