To be or not to be a ninja developer

ninja developer

A ninja developer is basically a developer who manages any of the known technological stacks, so he must be able to program in any of the application layers with the technologies that apply.

Every ninja developer must be able to create complex applications from scratch by himself. To do so, he must be a person who understands in-depth how the different layers of these programs interact.

A ninja developer is a highly demanded worker in companies nowadays, as they have become addicted to implementing agile software development in one way or another. At WillDom, we count on the best software developers, engineers, and ninja developers so you can hire them to be part of your team. 

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Some history

In ancient times, ninjas were a Japanese military group specially trained in non-traditional ways of warfare. Today, that ancestral term is adopted to apply to this particular type of software developer. 

These people must have an unmatched level of expertise and passion, always looking for new ways to accomplish goals. They must not only be agile, but also disciplined and focused in their work.

One of the first characteristics that stands out in a ninja software developer is not their agility, discipline or knowledge, but their confidence in their abilities and the outcome of their work. They usually consider themselves as people capable of being able to do and achieve the goal they set for themselves.

Ninja developers have secret moves, open sources, and obscure blogs with knowledge they use to successfully accomplish their task. That’s why part of the characteristics of these programmers is that they are always in constant search of information sources.

The knowledge of ninja developers lies not only in the technical aspects they master, but also in the particularities of their enemies, which in this case are the requirements with very tight deadlines, and their allies, customers and users. These workers know how to break and overcome lead times and satisfy clients.

Why are these developers called a “Ninja”?

The ninja developer is not only limited to a single language or a single technology stack; he is the polyglot of developers. He always has a base language of which he has an advanced mastery but feels comfortable using any of them.

In addition, he understands and takes advantage of frameworks to be able to use the set he considers necessary for the problem he wants to solve.

It was said before that ninja developers are polyglots, this is because they effectively handle functional languages such as Liso, Haskell, Scala, or Clojure. All this while they also know how to use others, such as static languages, among which are Java, Groovy, or C++.

Dynamic languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP are used by this type of developer with the same level of skill as those currently mentioned. The same goes for languages for mobile development, such as Android, Swift, or Objective-C.

As for data persistence, he moves interchangeably in relational databases such as NO-SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and New SQL. In addition, he knows how to choose the best technology to solve the problem.

Ninja developer is undoubtedly a way of referring to a very advanced programmer, and therefore, very desirable in the eyes of the labor market and the big majority of technology companies.

Advantages of being a ninja developer in the working environment

It is common for companies to want to incorporate in their teams the best professionals for the lowest amount of money, but it must be taken into account that this kind of knowledge from a programmer like this is not trivial, nor can it be obtained anywhere.

It should be understood that the ninja developer has more breadth of knowledge than experience in the jobs he does. Companies should know that acquiring knowledge in all these subjects takes many years of practice, therefore there is not and will not be anything like a Junior or Semi Sr category in this position.

A student who has finished his degree in computer science or computer engineering doesn’t directly possess knowledge in these areas. In order to be trained and apply for a Ninja Developer position, it is necessary to have at least five to 10 years of practice as a full stack programmer.

A ninja developer could define himself as a full stack developer who can program in several technological stacks. This is a profile that is increasingly in demand in technology companies, where they offer a good remuneration to these workers.

Which skills does a Ninja Developer need to master?

As previously mentioned, these developers must have a wide range of knowledge when applying for this job in technology companies. These are just some of the skills they must master to perfection.

1 – Lamp Web Development

The most basic thing a developer should know is the process of building WEB + LAMP applications, that is, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. 

Currently, many of these technologies are interchangeable for other similar ones, such as NginX instead of Apache, PostgreSQL in place of MySQL, or Ruby on Rails rather than PHP.

2 – HTML / CSS

It is a basic feature that can not be missing in the knowledge of these developers. HTML5 and CSS3 will allow them to style their content and decorate the closest part to the user.

3 – JavaScript

This is the most popular language on the Internet, both in the frontend and backend, which is one of the most important things a Full Stack Developer or Ninja Developer should know.

This developer must have very deep knowledge in JavaScript, its features and frameworks, such as Angular or React. Besides knowing how to work with DOM, know JSON and be able to manipulate it or structure the code and modularize it in different parts.

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