Top 10 Android Apps for Blind Persons

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Apps for blind or visually impaired people are life-changing. With the growing text-based world we live in, visual impairment can leave those impacted feeling left out of everyone’s main mode of communication. Luckily, growing technology also means increased accessibility and inclusion. That’s what makes us here at WillDom so passionate about software development. The right team on the right project makes an incredible difference in people’s lives.

If you’re looking to create an app for blind people or visually impaired people, we would love to lend a hand. If you’re searching for the best visual impairment assistance apps for yourself or a family member, read on!

A Note About Our Rankings

For this list number 1 is not necessarily better than 10. Each of these app categories serves a different purpose and, depending on the user’s need, may be more or less helpful. 

Visual impairments exist on a scale of low vision to blindness so users have different needs depending on their living situation, geographic location, and daily tasks. Let’s get started!

1. Low Vision Reading Assistance

If you’ve ever tried reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, you understand some of the frustration that small font sizes or insufficient lighting can cause. Sometimes a bit of magnification and light is all you need. But if you don’t want to carry around a magnifier and a spotlight…

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass + Light is an Android alternative that magnifies text or objects up to 10x and improves lighting.

2. Reading Apps for Blind People

Not all books are available in Braille and, even if they were, you may want to read while you’re traveling or cooking. These apps have text-to-speech figured out in a big way.


Choose from a vast assortment of audiobooks including new releases.


For low-vision assistance, Kindle has large print options. For blind people, there is a narrator function.

KNFB Reader

Converts written text to Braille or speech. It also includes file-sharing options.

3. Navigation Apps for Blind People

Moving around in a world you can’t see clearly can be difficult. Google Maps and real-time updates combine with these apps to make public transit and intersections more accessible.


Vocalizes public transit routes, schedules, and real-time traffic information. Know when the bus, train, or tram is coming and which stop is next.


Connects to Accessible Pedestrian Signals so you know when it’s safe to use a crosswalk.

Ariadne GPS

A talking map based on Google Maps. It describes the most important element around you (like an intersection) first and then points of interest (like a restaurant) after.

4. Shopping Apps for blind people

Visually impaired people have unique shopping needs both in what they buy and how they buy it. These apps make finding what they need easier.

Blind Bargains

A marketplace with the best deals on visually impaired accessibility products from Braille screen readers, Braille printers, and more.

VIP Code Reader

This app has audible notifications when the app’s camera is ready. It also scans barcodes and QR codes.

5. AI-Powered Surroundings Apps

With recent AI improvements, interactive accessibility possibilities have skyrocketed. Use your phone’s camera to see and understand the world around you with these apps.


Point your smartphone at an object and Aipoly uses AI to recognize and vocalize what it sees.

Viz Wiz

It allows you to take a picture and ask a question about it.


This app specializes in signs, labels, currency, and objects.

6. Live Connection

If a real human is more your speed, there’s an app for that!

Be My Eyes (Free)

Be My Eyes connects the visually impaired with sighted volunteers. The volunteers join a live video call and assist using their sight. Over 180 languages are supported and it’s totally free to use.

Aira (Paid)

This is the paid version of Be My Eyes. In this app, the sighted people are trained rather than volunteers.

7. Note Taking

Whether you’re in school, work, or meetings, or just need to record your brilliant thoughts each day, you need a user-friendly and efficient way to do it.

Otter (Basic is Free)

This is an all-in-one AI assistant for note-taking, transcription, file sharing, and note-taking. You can search keywords within your documents and navigate audibly.

Dragon Dictation (Paid)

Dragon Diction does not have word limits, adjusts to how you speak, and is compatible with Dropbox, email, and more.

8. Organization Apps for Blind People

A sighted person might label bins but that’s not a solution for the visually impaired. Luckily you can digitally label items with audio tags.

Talking Tags

Create tags for at-home items so you know what is in which box, jar, or carton.

9. Numbers

From times to calculations, this app gives some assistance in seeing or hearing the right answer to the numbers you are looking for.

Big Digital Clock 

For the visually impaired, this app tells you the time on the whole screen, with brightness and color adjustments to suit your vision needs.

Talking Calculator

For the visually impaired and blind alike, the talking calculator does exactly what it sounds like!

10. Facial Apps for Blind People

The tone of voice, cadence, and word choice convey a lot of information. But faces do too. This app makes touching someone else’s face less of a requirement.

Facing Emotions

Translate 7 emotions (anger, sadness, happiness, surprise, contempt, disgust, and fear) to sounds with your smartphone camera. Each emotion is conveyed with a tone rather than saying the word out loud.
Apps for blind people and the visually impaired are improving by the day. Whether you need assistance from these apps or you want to create one yourself, try out some from this best-in-the-business list. And if you’d like a partner in your app-making journey, contact us at WillDom or on our LinkedIn. We’d love to change the world with you!

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