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The fact that mobile phones are an extension of our body is undeniable and quite obvious at this point. Therefore, the applications we download and use daily are the core of our phones. For those apps to exist and work properly, companies need to hire app developers to build them in the best possible way. 

Developing an app is no easy task. It can be a challenge, depending on the type of application and its complexity. Putting together a complete in-house team can be complex, time-consuming and costly, so more and more companies are looking to outsource the hiring of app developers to work on their projects.

Software development outsourcing in Latin America has been growing for the past years. According to the question and answer site for professional and amateur programmers, Stack Overflow, in Latin America there are more than one million software engineers currently working or looking for work.

What to take into account when hiring LATAM developers

There are several points to take into account when hiring talent outside your company and in a country other than the one in which the business is based. 

The most important point is to understand what is the need to cover and look for the right profile in the proper country. On the other hand, it’s also significant to take into account if it’s necessary to hire a complete agile team to work on the project and to make the process fast and efficient.

At WillDom, we believe that an agile approach is the best option for your organization. With this, you can hire a whole team of software developers and engineers so that you can count on the necessary flexibility and scalability.

Among the key aspects to consider when hiring the right people, and the benefits of seeking talent in Latin America, are the following.

Narrow your search

Latin America is big, so, which country is the right one to look for mobile app developers? 

In Brazil, for example, there are more than 600,000 developers. That means there’s a variety of options and the chances of finding the best app developer that’s willing to work for a company based in another country is bigger.

On the other hand, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile are well-known for the highly-educated, premium-quality developers they’ve got. That’s another key point.

It’ll lower your costs

It’s no secret that looking to hire a complete team of, for example, iPhone app developers in Latin America, will mean reducing some costs.

The main reason is that these countries offer high-quality results at a lower cost than if needed to build an entire in-house team. 

No big-time zone differences

It’s likely that in the past, people were looking to hire app developers in India, but the time zone differences were huge. That always made the job complicated, because daily communication is needed to achieve good results. 

On the contrary, LATAM countries are no more than two or three hours ahead of most US states. An agile team needs to be collaborative and have good communication. In this sense, hiring Latin American talent makes working easier, since there are no late-night Skype calls, for example. 

Understand what skills you’re looking for

Not all developers are experts in all programming languages. While most have expertise in several, you must understand what technology experts you need to meet the business goals.

If the company needs a Python expert with advanced C++ skills, for example, then that’s what you should look for when reviewing resumes. It’s also what you should focus on when interviewing.

Reduced communication barrier

As already mentioned, carrying out projects involving the creation or improvement of an app requires good communication. That’s why the whole team must be able to speak the same language.

Whether in Mexico, Brazil, Chile or Argentina, you will find professionals with English proficiency that will make communication effective.

How much do app developers make?

Many people consider a career in programming because it’s known that they frequently make a good salary. It’s only recommended to become a professional in this area if you’re really interested in developing software. 

However, it’s true that programming positions often offer good economic compensation, given the high level of attention and skills required to carry out the tasks.

Demand is growing, but supply is not increasing at the same rate, which is why app developers’ salary is typically high. It also depends on the country or state in the US where the developer is based. 

What’s certain is that there are plenty of opportunities for those who are just starting out or who are specializing in programming. In Latin America, an increasing number of professionals are offering high-quality services to work for companies in different countries.

At WillDom we’re specialized in offering our clients the best fit for their projects, as well as recruiting software engineer and developers talent. 

If you’re interested in learning more about WillDom, visit us at, or connect with us via LinkedIn.

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