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Now that computing is such an open market, there will always be the question of what is the best operating system. With so many paid and free options available, it can be difficult to make a choice. In fact, there are so many options that, we had to cut a fair few when building this list. 

We will be sharing our thoughts on why these five are the best options based on market presence, features, and customer reviews. To start off…

Windows Is A Great All-Round Option

As one of the leading operating systems available, Windows has not only a controlling grip over most of the market but also millions of positive reviews and happy users. Ever since its inception, this OS has been leading the charge to become the best operating system. While it still has not claimed that title, it has a good case.

In our consideration of the best operating system for laptops, we outlined several of Windows’ best features. This became the process for all those that follow as well so that we can clearly outline the positives of each system. The main features of Windows are:

  1. Long history of improvements and user reviews: Due to its age, Windows knows what people expect from it and will continue to iterate on that as it improves.
  2. Multifaceted UI: The visual language of Windows is clear and can be formatted into several different versions to best help the user.
  3. High security capabilities: Each account stored on a Windows device has its own login info, two-factor authentication, and more to keep files safe. 

Mac Is Tech Specific But Has Amazing Features

As another of the kings of tech, Apple’s Mac OS makes a great case as the best laptop operating system. It offers several things that only a “locked” system can really offer and constantly builds upon legacy features beloved by users. The one thing about Mac that makes it incredibly special is that it is only available on Apple devices (where it comes free). 

Mac also does a great job of coming out with updates to keep systems at the forefront of development. Any system that has access to Mac can get these updates so long as their hardware supports it. This also provides a united front for developers on Mac as they know exactly what all their users will have when it comes to specs. Other benefits are:

  1. Interconnectivity of Apple devices: If you have more than one device that runs Mac, you can send files between them seamlessly, which is great for efficiency.
  2. System wide dark-mode: Eye strain is a large problem if you spend a lot of time on the computer, and your Mac can now fight that directly for you.
  3. Automatically organized desktop: The file structure of Mac extends to the desktop and your files will all be organized in the manner you wish with one click.

Of course, if this choice of the operating system is not one you want to make, or if you need help with finding one that is the right fit for your team, we here at WillDom can help. We have a rockstar roster of professionals that spans the globe and a literal world of experience. Once you have a call with our team, they can help you find the best operating system for any project. 

Ubuntu Is A Hidden Option For Best Laptop Operating System

The more secretive third option for the best operating system is Ubuntu. It is an open-source operating system, which gives it several advantages. The first of which is that it is totally free to download and use. 

Ubuntu also comes with its own firewall and antivirus systems from the get-go which makes it one of the most safe OS as a fresh download. Pair this with up to 5 years of patches and security-based updates as well as being translated into 50 different languages and Ubuntu measures up well. 

Solaris Can Handle Tons Of Operations Per Minute

For a business that needs to handle large amounts of data and files all at once, and do so safely, we recommend Solaris. It is optimized for the most robust and customizable file interface and has the most forward-thinking security options available.

Solaris is also a free-to-download OS, which is always a plus when competing for the best operating system. It can out-compete major OS in security and file management while still being free to use, which for many makes it a no-brainer pick. 

As a final bonus, it can also run on any piece of hardware imaginable, so you won’t have any concerns about whether or not your tech can run it.

CentOS Aims At Helping Coders Everywhere

As our last candidate for the best laptop operating system, we chose to cater to the developers and coders. CentOS is focused on helping coders perform tasks with software creation and comes with resources to also implement and release completed projects. 

CentOS is another competitor that shows off the strength of open-source software and community-driven OS. It is a well-optimized system that follows instructions easily and is certain to boost the efficiency of any developer looking for a stable runtime environment. With those kinds of benefits geared towards hyper-focused tasks, we couldn’t deny them a spot on our best operating system list. 

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