Top 5 Fundamental UX Concepts for Web Designers

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User Experience, or UX, is how a tech user interacts with an app or site. Some simple UX concepts can help facilitate a better experience for the user allowing them to take full advantage of the site. 

WillDom’s developers utilize UX concepts to help you get your services to your clients. Along with our full range of tech solutions, we also want you to take part in the design process. 

Have you ever wondered how applications and websites are designed? Here are some UX concepts to get you started.

What are the Fundamental UI/UX Design Concepts?

  1. Hierarchy.
  2. Usability.
  3. Typography.
  4. Accessibility.
  5. Navigation.

Why are these UX Concepts Important?


This UX concept of design is how well a person can use an application to complete a specific goal. After all, what good is technology if it cannot accomplish what you need it to? 

To increase usability, designers should keep the following concepts in mind:

  • Effectiveness: the application fully completes the goal as defined by the purpose of the application
  • Efficiency: the application fully completes the defined goal in an appropriate amount of time
  • Learning Curve: a user can learn how to use the interface with little frustration and at a good pace
  • Errors: a designer perceives and eliminates errors before the user encounters them and provides a way for encountered errors to be solved quickly
  • Enjoyability: the user is satisfied with interacting with the app


Hierarchy enables your user to move through a site easily. There are two important UX concept hierarchies: Information Architecture and Visual.

Information Hierarchy is how and when the user interacts with information. This can be controlled through features such as dropdown lists. This allows you to hide certain information to avoid page clutter.

Visual Hierarchy determines what your user sees first. The designer can play with color and image or font size to draw the user’s eye to the most important point first. Catching your user’s attention in certain places allows certain information to take precedence.

The two hierarchies combined control when and how the information gets to your user.


Typography is the design of the words on the page and should provide a pleasant and accessible way for the user to read the information. Typography can enhance the visual hierarchy. People usually equate typography with font, but it also includes how the words are used on the page.

To enhance the user experience, designers can design typography to be simple and clean- looking. Limiting the type of font used avoids visual confusion. When multiple fonts are used, they should complement each other. Style guides are available to guide font pairing choices.

Though typography is not often a conscious noticing of users, it is one of the most important fundamental UX concepts.


Accessibility allows people who need to interact with an application different from the average user to do so. People with disabilities or those who speak a different language than the target audience may need special access to interact with your app or site.

A great place to start is user research. Who will be accessing your products? How can the UX be designed for them? By determining your target audience and their needs, you can plan for a wider variety of needs.

Once you determine your needs you can plan for access. Assistive technology features can be built into the applications:

  • Voice-to-text- for individuals who cannot type or see
  • Screen readers- for individuals who cannot read or are visually impaired
  • Keyboard navigation- a way to navigate the page using only a keyboard
  • Translation- giving your users a way to translate into a different language, makes your app accessible to global audiences


These UX concepts of design are how a designer creates the way a person navigates the User Interface. When someone says an app is not “user friendly,” they might mean it cannot be navigated smoothly.

Predictability can be the most helpful tip for designing navigation. Placing things on the site or app where they normally go, helps a user find what they need. User appreciates predictability because they do not have to spend a lot of time learning to navigate your design.

Breadcrumb navigation is another way to design effective navigation. This allows users an easy way to navigate back to a previous place. An example is a clothing website that allows you to get back to a larger category of clothes such as women’s clothing from a subset such as jeans.

Why design with Fundamental UX Concepts in mind?

UX design concepts streamline your design to give you the best experience for your interface. You want people to use your product, so give your client the best experience you can with these helpful tips. These fundamental concepts give you the foundation for good web and application design.
At WillDom, we specialize in end-to-end tech solutions such as UX concepts. Our web designers can make any project easy. From web design to application development, our agile teams can support you through any tech project. Learn more at our website or on our LinkedIn.

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