Top 9 best app ideas to launch in 2022

Top 9 to best app ideas to launch in 2022

Many app ideas have emerged in recent years. In 2021 there were approximately 7 billion mobile users of which 90% of the time was spent on apps downloaded through digital stores.

The increase of app ideas that can be beneficial to users and the environment around them is growing. Undoubtedly, these have become an integral part of everyone’s life in recent years.

App ideas have emerged ranging from shopping, booking a doctor, attending fitness classes, ordering food, reserving a table at a restaurant, etc. You could say that we literally have everything at our fingertips these days.

The app ecosystem experienced major changes in 2021, such as Apple’s crackdown on mobile software privacy, a competition dispute over developer commissions, and the policy for gambling apps in the Google Play Store. 

Streaming services had another triumphant year in mobile purchases, as they grew at the same pace as the pandemic; a time when everyone wanted to subscribe to different services to cope with the isolation at home.

There are many web app ideas on the horizon for 2022. Mobile insights strategist Stephanie Chan, from Sensor Tower, along with other analysts from Apptopia and App Annie unveiled many of the top trends of what could be good niches to invest in for new app creation.

If you want to get your company into this app ecosystem, it is important to hire a great team that can develop your idea. At WillDom, we encourage you to hire out top software developers and engineers to deliver greater work.

Some good ideas for new mobile apps

Increased augmented reality for e-commerce apps

According to different surveys, it has been estimated that by 2022, mobile e-commerce sales in the U.S. will eclipse $420 billion, and 82% of internet users in the U.S. will be shopping online in the near future.

However, you can take these statistics to another level by simply developing an e-commerce application embedded with augmented reality technology. It’s a unique technology that rapidly changes the environment around you and brings you into the digital interface simply by combining virtual objects into real-world, real-time information.

Home medical remedy application

There comes a time in life when you miss grandmothers’ home medical remedies. 

If your ancestors are currently alive or not, you can still get valuable access to medications available for multiple health problems. All you need is a good app development company that can easily understand your app idea and be able to turn it into a practical and reliable solution.

Finding an online tutor

A perfect option can be provided to students by creating an app that helps to find the best tutors based on location, experience, skills, teaching specialties, and cost-per-hour of teaching.

The best part is being able to bring tutors and students on the same platform and reduce the risk of a middleman.

Search for flexible job opportunities

A common platform can be created where both employers and job seekers meet and can help each other in the best way. 

By listing multiple companies looking for employees who can work for specific hours or on a contract basis, it can create multiple job opportunities for unemployed people.

Improving Blockchain Security

With rising crime rates, everyone is taking maximum security measures to keep their possessions safe. 

Whether it is a store owner or the general public, people are widely using Wi-Fi-controlled security devices and systems. From answering people at the door to detecting locker/safe activities to viewing camera footage, everything can be easily done through a smartphone.

AI-based chatbots

Improve customer relationships by simply providing an instant solution to queries. 

With the increasing competition in the market, users have bundles of options to choose from, so they never want to wait for your response while visiting an app or site.

Bike servicing app

A door-step bike servicing platform and application which will use technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners by providing them a transparent connection with high-quality vehicle maintenance providers. 

The platform can provide assisted door-step pick-up and drop, an in-built inventory management system that enables reduction of waiting-time, smarter stock allocation, an order management system, and much more.

Women’s alert and safety application

With the help of a software development team, a combined application with varied and highly effective features can be created.

By pressing the power button for 3 seconds to activate the alert button, you can share the user’s live location with the police’s control room, allowing users to list the contact details of their loved ones to stay connected and protected.

Report the security level of the area to the contact list by displaying different colors: green, when a user has safely arrived at the final destination, yellow, when suspicious, and red is for a high security alert and whenever the person is in a danger zone.

Mall navigation map

A digital mall navigation map stores the digital map of all the shopping malls in the area and can be used to navigate the mall as well as directions leading up to it. 

It is particularly helpful for larger malls where, with the help of the app, the user can find the exact store or even status of the restaurant, parking spot, or total occupancy of the mall.

Real-time car sharing app

A real-time car sharing app allows the user to list their car and put in the destination as to where they are going. 

Another user on the app who is going the same way can put in their destination and find the users with cars who are going in the same direction. In the end they can split costs.

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