Top iOS app development trends for 2022

Ios app development

The iOS operating system is the one used by Apple-manufactured devices. Whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad, they all use iOS. This operating system is based on macOS, the operating system used by Mac computers, both desktops, and laptops. With the increasing use of mobile phones, iOS app development continues to grow.

iOS is the second most used operating system worldwide in the phone market, only behind Android. Knowing how to carry out iOS app development is crucial to keeping up to date in terms of software development for cell phones. It is worth pointing out that iPhones have become extremely popular all over the world, not only because of their beautiful hardware design, but also due to how well their OS works, and their user-centered design.

What’s new for iOS in 2022?

There are many trends for iOS app development in 2022. Each year, Apple strives to design new user-oriented interfaces to improve the overall user experience when using their devices. 

Apple is a leader in terms of new features. They’re well known for their innovation, and it’s something that makes people look forward to both the new versions of their cell phones, and the launch of new features for their operating system.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in iOS development for this year:

Siri comes with news

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have long been trending, and the prospect is for them to continue to expand. 

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is part of that. Its popularity is amazing, and one of the reasons is due to the fact that it is becoming smarter every day. 

Machine learning makes experiences more user-friendly and secure.

Augmented and virtual reality

Both augmented reality and virtual reality have been used for some years now in, for example, video games. An example of this was Pokémon Go, which became a success upon its release.

A few years ago, Apple launched ARKit and will release version 2 with iOS 12. It involves enhancements in facial recognition, as well as in the capability to measure objects.

ARKit2 allows developers to build their own games and multiplayer simulations.


Have you heard about this technology? It’s one of the most powerful existing software for sending Bluetooth signals between small beacons. It’s more precise than GPS and can be built into any app, the reason many developers favor it.

This iOS-powered app development trend is meant to help drive marketing, especially in crowd areas, since it can send marketing notes to potential customers as they walk by.

Users’ data safety

Data security for both, companies and users, is a major concern. There is an increasing number of reported cases of cyber-attacks, which is why security systems need to be stronger and more robust.

With every innovation of the iPhone and every update of its operating system, Apple seeks to guarantee the security and privacy of its users.

As mentioned, Apple is becoming more popular every day. Therefore, it must meet the standards it has set and the ones users are expecting from them. For consumers to continue to choose them, Apple needs to provide both security to the individuals who use their devices and a stable environment for developers who are looking to build new apps. They frequently opt for creating them in iOS because they’ve got the potential to become a hit. The most popular apps in the iStore have around 2 million downloads, for example.

Ios app development
Ios app development

Skills needed to become an iOS developer

Developers who know how to build great iOS app developments are in top demand. That is because iOS requires specific developments for its cell phones and iPads. Android accounts for the majority of the mobile phone market. That’s why it’s easy to find any app you need since they’re built by thousands of developers worldwide. On the other hand, iPhone requires specific developments of those apps, but for iOS.

Here are some crucial aspects to program for iOS:

Learn Swift and Objective-C

These are the most used programming languages for iOS programming. Knowing how to use them is a must.

Learn how to design in an intuitive way

Apple is known for designing with the user experience in mind. That’s why anything you develop should be done keeping that in mind.

Additionally, you have to comply with certain design guidelines that Apple demands, so learn how to create an MVC (Model-View-Controller).

Apple Xcode IDE

Xcode is a development environment designed for macOS and iOS. Apple created toolkits intended for software development for both desktops and laptops, as well as for iPhone.

Getting to know how to use it is crucial to becoming a good iOS app builder.

Developers can use a variety of tools and services to create apps with an excellent user experience.

Core Data

Core Data saves the data on Apple devices so that users have access to it when they use the app.

This enhances the user experience since they don’t get frustrated every time they have to start from scratch when using the application again.

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