Guide to Knowing the Types of Developers for My Project

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So you are stepping into the wonderful world of development. Great! There are so many types of developers and projects that it can be hard to make the perfect match. Many project leaders can get stuck with the wrong developer for the job. Some get stuck in a loop of searching and testing and never really find their needs met.

Today, we are going to start defining the different types of developers and explaining just what they can do for you. This is to help make sure that new project leads and business owners don’t get stuck or overwhelmed by all the options available to them. 

From Front to Back and Everywhere in Between

These developers, in the shortest terms, make things work. This section has four types of developers called Front End, Back End, Middle-tier, and Full-stack. 

This is where the bulk of your work is done for the skeleton and presentability of your project. These are also the most generic work positions and can either incorporate or make room for more specific work. 

A brief on each of these:

  1. Back-end development: typically working with databases, servers, and some applications, these developers are responsible for the bare bones of a project. The work they do allows for all other sections to begin as it creates the basis. 
  2. Front-end development: these developers are focused on how your customers interact with your project. Aesthetics, logic, and design are decided here. 
  3. Middle-tier development: this is based all on getting functionality to the customer by linking the front and back together. They will have experience with both ends and know how to move info and data along the customer’s path.
  4. Full-stack development: able to build front and back-end systems on their own, these developers are in high demand as well as are busy. 

Tech Specific Developers

When you need an expert on one type of software or another, these are who you turn to. Tech-specific developers know operating systems like the back of their hand and will generally focus on a certain one. 

They can work with Windows and Mac exclusively, or even a type of hardware such as embedded systems, desktop computers, and mobile phones. If you are looking to maximize your product to a certain type of machine or software audience, these types of developers will have your back. 

Data Creation, Storage, and Protection

If data is an important part of your project, enough to facilitate a professional, this is who you should look for. Areas they can cover are big data and database development, data science, cloud infrastructure, and data security. 

Truthfully, all businesses need data. It is one of the most powerful bases you can build a business on and can accurately guide you through any transition. This is why so much development can be put into how your business uses data. There are also entire experts who can help build the way you store and or protect your data.

Out of all the types of software developers, these handle very sensitive information the most. It is paramount that you hire a professional and keep your business on the cutting edge. 

Interaction and Customer-Use

Projects that have a heavy amount of interaction from the customer need specialized care. Video game developers, customization developers, and graphic developers can make sure that what your audience is viewing, looks or even moves incredibly.

These developers specialize in creating the best visual and interactive projects in their field. If you need something to stand out, draw attention or drive involvement, then we can’t suggest a better pool of developers. In today’s competitive world, every edge counts, and the way your brand looks could be just the deciding factor you need.

When working with types of software developers like this, you even open up opportunities you may have never seen before. Art in development creates new mixtures and interacts with marketing seamlessly, so keep your eyes out for good ideas.

Testing and Deployment

Your project has to release in strong and stable shape if you are going to impress early buyers. This is just the truth. Luckily, there are even professional developers who can make sure you launch without a hitch. A Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) and DevOps developers do just this. 

SDET creates software to help legitimize your own as well as tools and tests that can make sure you launch with success as your only option. Properly testing and deploying your project can mean the difference between success and failure, so take care to make sure you have the best chances.

DevOps developers ensure that back-end coding and other development are being properly enacted upon and managed correctly. They can often be back-end developers themselves but primarily focus on the correct deployment of the back-end systems. The skeleton of your project is what everything lies upon, so a specialist who can confirm its safety is paramount.

WillDom can help you find the perfect expert and define the right types of developers for your project. With our large base of experts on demand, we can always make sure you have exactly what you need to succeed.  

The right type of developer is ultimately the one (or ones) who know how to help you and do what you need. There are so many sections of development as well as multifaceted team members that it can be hard to choose. 

This is why we at WillDom do what we do. We step in to help you find the person you need to do what you need. To find out just how we can help, go to our homepage or follow us on  LinkedIn.

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