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WillDom’s New Branch in Romania

July 1, 2024


Romania branch

We are excited to announce that we’re expanding our network with the addition of a new branch, BetterQA, located in Romania. This partnership is a significant milestone as we join forces to support a unique network, co-create new opportunities, and enhance our community.

BetterQA Joins WillDom

This collaboration signifies our commitment to driving real change in the software industry. Together, we will continue to democratize the software landscape, making quality software development accessible to all. Please join us in welcoming the key members of our new Romania Branch:

  • Tudor Brad – Branch Director
  • Ecaterina Cocora – People Manager
  • Tohanean Ionut – Business Developer

Expertise and Focus

The Romania Branch brings a wealth of experience across various industries, including IoT, Digital Audio, Healthcare, Fintech, Big Data, Transport Logistics, and HR. Their team is dedicated 100% to Testing Acceptance, Automation, Functional Testing, and more, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in software development.

“We first got in touch with WillDom on August 2, 2022, and since then, our relationship has grown significantly. Initially, we didn’t have high expectations, but as we have now become a branch with full access to WillDom’s opportunities, we are seeing the true value of this connection. The strength that comes from unity is becoming clear, and we are hopeful for a prosperous collaboration that ensures stability and progress.”

-Tudor Brad, BetterQA Branch Director

Strategic Expansion in Europe

With its headquarters in Romania, this new alliance strengthens our presence in the European market. The expertise and knowledge of our Ukraine team, combined with the capabilities of the Romanian Branch, will enhance our ability to serve clients across Europe more effectively.

Looking Forward

We are thrilled to have BetterQA join our team and look forward to the growth and innovation this partnership will bring. Together, we will achieve new heights and continue to lead the way in the software industry.

Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter for WillDom and BetterQA!

Welcome, Romania Branch!

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