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What Are the Best Front-end Developer Benefits in Another Country?

July 19, 2023
Front-end developer benefits

Front-end developer benefits can be very varied nowadays, since this worker is the one that will allow the company to have an aesthetic and visually pleasing design on the website.

Front-end developer benefits in addition to a very well paid salary, will have the total confidence of the company, as they will also be responsible for building a semantic HTML, which will help to have more visibility for users and optimization in all search engines.

Front-end developer benefits range from a very competitive salary, as mentioned above, to a job offer that is expanding every day, since the technological world is more present than ever in the work processes of all companies. This makes the IT-related jobs to be the most demanded and sought after.

These programmers are becoming more and more desired, not only in the IT world, but also among many companies in different industries, since a user-friendly website that reaches more customers will translate into much more profit for the owners.

What is a Front-end developer?

A Front-end Developer is the person in charge of programming the browser of a website, that is to say, he/she is in charge of translating the design and visual style definitions made in previous stages to semantic HTML codes. It is one of the fundamental pieces in a digital project.

Although a Front-end Developer is usually associated with principles of design and structure of web pages, as a good programmer, he must be aware that his work will be done on the client side, in many cases in the browser.

But even so, this person must have knowledge and take into account the usability, readability of the web or app, the design and structure of web pages and applications to ensure that the user can have a totally pleasant experience.

Front end developer skills

Any professional who is a Front-end Developer will have to have some necessary skills and knowledge, such as: knowing HTML5 and CSS, HyperText Markup Language, is the key structural component of all web pages found on the Internet.

Know how to use a CMS, for example you could use WordPress, be creative, have knowledge of design, also know the work of a web designer and a back-end developer.

Front-end developer benefits
Front-end developer benefits

The challenges of the Front end developer

1. Loading time 

One of the biggest challenges of a Front-end Developer is the loading time of a web page. This time affects the conversion of your product. Several Google tests have shown that even half a second of loading time can already affect the conversion of users.

Therefore, a Front-end Developer has to make sure that this does not happen and has to improve the loading time. To make sure that a web page loads in due time, it will be necessary to check, mainly, that the assets are compressed and in gzip and on the other hand, the size of the images is adapted.

2. Write maintainable code

It is very important to write maintainable code and although with HTML and CSS it is difficult, it is also possible. For CSS there are processors such as SASS, Stylus and LESS that extend the capabilities of CSS and add variables, functions, among other things that allow you to write better code.

As for HTML, we find render engines such as Jade in NodeJS; in Rails we find HAML, among others.

3. Functionality in different browsers

A Front-end Developer has to confirm that a web page works correctly in all kinds of browsers. A complicated but essential challenge. For this, there are Polyfills, scripts that using javaScript can add to the browser the capabilities of a newer and more modern browser.

On the other hand, there are also capability detectors such as, for example, Modernizr, which, by performing a series of tests, quickly tells you what is or is not available in a browser.

4. Knowing HTML 

Hypertext Markup Language, which stands for HTML, allows you to create and structure the sections of a web page such as the menu of a website, paragraphs, links, footer, among others.

It is necessary to emphasize and keep in mind that HTML is not a programming language, since it does not have the capacity to create dynamic functionality or a sentence such as adding two numbers. Instead, it is a markup language that works with tags and formats a text or document.

Salary and job opportunities

The front-end developer is one of those professions which has high labor insertion rates. This is due to the fact that, in addition to being a necessary position due to the growing global digitalization, it is a professional profile required in many different sectors and types of companies, beyond the IT field itself.

In addition, a front-end developer can find a place in a startup, in an SME, in a web agency, in a multinational or even working as a freelancer. Therefore, a front-end developer can work in sectors as diverse as technology, healthcare, architecture and many other fields.

The front end developer salary depends on his specialty, experience and the type of company he works for. Good salaries abroad range from 20,000 euros for a junior developer to 45,000 euros or more for a senior developer.

This makes front-end developer Jobs currently a field in constant evolution and an exponential demand for their services in many companies around the world.

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