What Can I Do with Javascript?

what can i do with javascript

If you have ever developed a website and thought “What can I do with Javascript”, we have just the answer for you. It can be a complicated language with tasks spanning both front and back-end development. What we will go over today is all of the main features, strengths, and weaknesses of Javascript along with demystifying the language as a whole.

What is Javascript Made Of?

As one of the most commonly used languages for websites, Javascript focuses on interaction and useability. It allows for surveys, user input sections, and forms to be used and filled out by your audience. 

Buttons and graphics that use interaction heavily are also supported by the robust power of Javascript. In fact, JS is so good for interaction that some video game developers will include it in their coding to better increase the player’s control. This level of interactivity and control given to your audience not only makes your site better to use but will directly affect the quality of the sale.

What Can I Do with Javascript Programming Language?

Going back to interaction, Javascript performs best here. It can create and effectively manage any interactable part of your website with ease and professionalism. Just to better showcase the effectiveness of Javascript, here is a list of some of the areas Javascript can help with.

  1. Animations. Whether it is a GIF or actual compressed animation, Javascript can make sure it plays out smoothly. Lag or cheap effects will chase your customer away.
  2. Image carousels. If you have a selection of images you want to show the customer, Javascript can make sure it looks professional and will lure the customer into your sale with smooth transitions.
  3. Chat windows and widgets. A new common feature on many websites, the conversation is a basic and entirely interaction-based tool. JS can make sure that all of your text boxes and messages display properly and invite the customer to interact with you directly.
  4. Audio/Video Components. Getting AV right can be tough, especially when using cloud features. JS smooths over the conversation between server-side and client-side viewing so you can get right to selling, not buffering.
  5. Drop Down menus. A basic necessity for intractable websites is drop-down menus. Here you can show off a bit of flash with how easy it is to make with JS.

These are just some of the places where you can use JS but already it is apparent how useful and wide-ranging the language is. Its use can upgrade any website into one that sells purely based on appearance and ease of use alone. 

How it capabilities and performance of Javascript on my Website?

While JS is great for interaction, it can have a downside, and that is website loading times. Too many plugins and animations running at once can cause spikes in performance. If there are too many of these, or if the website freezes while trying to load all of your gizmos, it could cause customer dropoff. 

The way around this is to find your perfect balance between loading requirements and intractability. If you load too much at once, going too heavy into interaction you may be answering “what can I do with Javascript” too often. Every website does need a little bit though, so dropping it entirely is a mistake as well.

As with all things, moderation is key. You will have to find your website’s perfect mix between heavy and light-handed use of JS. If you need help, however, a professional is only one call away. WillDom has a team of professionals spanning the world and all of tech. Our members who know web development like the back of their hands will be able to help you easily. 

What Can I Do with Javascript?: Its Advantages

Every program and language comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is unavoidable. What we want to show you are the facts about Javascript and help you judge whether or not it is a good fit for you. The advantages are:

  1. Low Demand on Server. All of JS is run client-side, meaning you have very little support you need to maintain for it to work.
  2. Massive Versatility. JS can be used in a multitude of scenarios and in different positions for the project.
  3. Incredibly Popular. Nearly every web developer is familiar if not a master with JS at this point, so finding a team will be easy.
  4. Easy to Learn. JS is one of the most accessible languages for web developers available due to its low barrier of entry compared to use.

Our best answer to “what can I do with Javascript” is essentially: anything. It has near limitless potential for building a custom and user-friendly website but at a cost of processing power. If you want to learn more about Javascript and its potential uses for your business, head over to our homepage or on our LinkedIn and schedule a chat with our staff!

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