What Does ChatGPT Mean for Your Business and Its Tech


With ChatGPT being mentioned in every other social post and headline, it seems like AI is taking over…and that’s because it is. IBM recently reported that 35% of companies are using AI in their business and 42% are currently exploring AI. Now that number is growing exponentially based on the increase in popularity of easily accessible tools like ChatGPT. This leaves companies wondering how to leverage these emerging technologies for their own processes and tech needs. 

Leveling the Playing Field

Here’s the simple reason why ChatGPT has become the phenomenon it’s become: it’s made artificial intelligence accessible to all. Individuals are using AI on a daily basis on both a professional and personal level to streamline tasks and enhance workflows. In a piece by Fast Company, it was reported that 74% of participants in a U.S. study revealed that they use ChatGPT for personal reasons. And on the professional side, 41% of respondents said they use ChatGPT for idea generation, 20% for content creation, 14% to write emails, and 11% to write code.

Previously, most AI-powered tools came with a hefty fee. Now even the smallest businesses can leverage this intelligence to efficiently run and support core operations at a low risk and low cost. From strengthening customer relations to simplifying complex information, today’s AI solutions have the power to transform organizations on both an internal and external level.

Where AI Can Fill the Gaps

Enhancing Customer Experience

Providing quick, personalized, and consistent experiences for customers, the implementation of AI in the customer relations process has shown increases in customer satisfaction, sales rate, and even employee efficiency. 

On the client side, the efficiency that is brought by the intelligence delivers solutions at a faster rate and with fewer errors and delays along the way. On the operational side, this automation frees up hours of employees’ days that were previously spent on redundant tasks which also cuts operational costs. In fact, it was found that 33% percent of customer service professionals like the element of AI in their customer relations because it improves their customer satisfaction, and over 25% like it because it lowers operating costs. 

Optimizing Operations

On the software side, developers have been using AI for a few years to support and take over time-consuming yet essential tasks like code compilation, debugging, and testing. Its capabilities are expanding with platforms like GitLab to deliver compliance and security-enhancing features powered by AI. 

Every day we are seeing technologies and intelligence taking over new parts of operations. The key to optimizing their capabilities will be training staff to find a balance and automate the basic, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks of their work. 

Discovering Opportunities

It is a fact that many of today’s leading companies are leveraging AI to support and guide their decisions. But what is the source “feeding” the algorithms behind the intelligence? Data. All of the engagement and behavioral data being collected by organizations help them predict trends and make meaningful business decisions. The insight provided by AI can help identify gaps internally and in the market which may unravel opportunities to present innovative solutions to customers and stakeholders. Ensuring that the data used is accurate and timely is crucial to guaranteeing optimal reporting.
The direct impact of AI on businesses will continue to grow as its capabilities expand, and the WillDom team will be following it every step of the way. Delivering transformational tech is our specialty and this AI is a tool enhancing the process for both our teams and clients. Learn more about our work at WillDom.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to stay wired on all things tech.

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