What Is a Full-Stack Javascript Developer

What Is a Full Stack Javascript Developer

So what is a full-stack Javascript developer? To understand the magic of what they do, we must first have an understanding of the term “full-stack” in technology. Think of each stack as a tool: programming language technology that constructs the development of a project.

 While it’s easiest to define them as developers working on the client and server software (aka the front end and back end), the role of full-stack developers is much more complex because within the front and back end lies many other layers of elaborate algorithms, servers, APIs, UI design, and more. Versatility is the name of the game.

(Maybe an image like this for visual representation):

What Is a Full Stack Javascript Developer

A full-stack developer should have a strong understanding of a range of tools and methodologies to competitively take on the market:

  • Key programming languages
    • Front end programming languages like Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc.
    • Back end programming languages like Python, PHP, Java, etc.
  • Database solutions like MongoDB, SQL, and JSON. 
  • DevOps tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, and Git
  • Web servers – Nginx and Apache

The competitiveness of full-stack development is raising the bar for customers’ expectations; knowing all of these terms are great, customers want developers who can show depth to their understanding. 

In today’s market, someone looking for a position should have an Associate’s degree in computer science, software programming, computer programming, or a related field. And of course, years of experience would be a plus, but many employers primarily want to see proven skill and solid, meaningful work experience.

But how about Javascript? What is a full-stack Javascript developer? How do they differ from the pack? Javascript full-stack developers have a great repository of frameworks to utilize in their projects. They benefit from shared libraries and templates, lots of code reuse, and access to open-source tools. The two most popular open-source stacks in Javascript are the MEAN and MERN stacks. MEAN includes MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. And MERN is composed of the same components, but AngularJS is substituted for React, a front-end, open-source library. 

So now comes the question: do you have what it takes to become a full-stack Javascript developer? If you just shouted “yes”, you should consider joining the WillDom team! Are you looking for skilled, qualified Javascript developers? If so, get in touch and learn more about what we do and the innumerable opportunities we have to offer.

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