What Is a Smart Building?

what is a smart building

These days, more and more tech companies are converting their offices and even whole buildings over to a new type of structure. These buildings represent what is most likely going to be the standard for modern workspaces. So, what is a smart building?

So what is a smart building?

It is a workspace in which a collection of integrated technologies (often called the Internet of Things) all communicate with each other and their users. This can include everything from office space to kitchens or even homes. They have become common enough that even outside industries from tech are looking to define what is meant by a “smart building”.

Essentially, once you have one system, like an AI assistant, managing several other systems, you have a smart building. An example could be your AI assistant that can manipulate lights, your A/C, and more. Another could be an office that tracks computer usage and optimizes overhead lights based on workplace data.

A smart building can scale to many degrees and has many applications, especially in the workplace. Let’s dive into a few of those today…

Integrated Systems

When asking “what is a smart building” we have to talk about how your systems overlap with each other. If you can use one system to manage another and then extrapolate data from the process to better optimize it, that is a great use of integration. 

Going back to our tracked computer usage example, some buildings could shift resources to rooms based solely on usage data from the office space. There would be enough data present to know that a certain team works there every Wednesday and they like to keep the room at 75 degrees; the computer then makes it happen. A well-integrated system makes this happen on a much larger scale.

Automation of tasks

This leads perfectly to the automation of certain tasks. Once an integrated system for a smart building can use data, it can begin to act on its own to help its users. Going back to the Wednesday office crew scenario, maybe some of them use a desk in a standing position and love to drink coffee while working. When that team goes in to use the space, the desks will automatically rise and the coffee will start. 

Now imagine this concept in use for database management, sales preparation or any other much more complicated task for your company. Anticipated and quantifiable data greatly helps a smart building to automate and help a team.

Efficient and Optimized Workspace

Once your very environment is reacting to and anticipating data, you can set it up to create a truly optimized workspace. Menial tasks will be completed quickly, intersystem management will be a breeze and overall efficiency will grow exponentially.

A smart building can “look” however you want and can be made to perform and assist with any task. The examples above are basic and are used only to show the potential of smart buildings. The real answer to “what is a smart building” lies in how you want to optimize and integrate your existing space into an Internet of Things.

Now if you need help with personally answering “what is a smart building”, then we suggest you go to our website and see just how we at WillDom can help you. We have a worldwide team of professionals with knowledge in every aspect of tech. They are ready and willing to join your team and help build, manage, or provide feedback for your next task.  With WillDom, you always have someone who can help.

Smaller Costs for Bigger Benefits

The true benefits of finding your answer to “what is a smart building” is in the benefits you reap at the end. One of the largest benefits is the reduction in costs for managing and personally using every system in your office. 

You can instead devote time and resources to the most mission-critical pieces of your operation and automate others to support you. Doing this will always cause a huge drop in your expenses as you are now paying for what matters and avoiding extra costs.

Overall Productivity Growth

Lastly, the overall productivity of your team will exponentially grow. Each of your workers will have valuable brain space available for solving issues or brainstorming new ideas instead of managing background systems. They won’t have to worry about the small things, but will instead have the main goal in mind at all times.

Removing distractions and giving your team the opportunity to focus will also be great for workplace morale. Everyone loves the opportunity to do what they enjoy, especially when they don’t have to meddle with uninteresting or annoying aspects. The focus will bring clarity and joy to their work.

Now that you know the basics of how to answer “what is a smart building” for yourself, you can begin to work on what it will look like for you. One very helpful resource that you always have is our team of professionals. They can help build or manage your creative process and make sure everything works as you want from day one.

To learn more about, “what is a smart building” and how we help small businesses visit our homepage or our LinkedIn. There you can find everything your business needs to have a strong tech presence.

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