What Is A Solutions Architect?

what is a solutions architect

As technology becomes more and more important to the everyday functionality of the workplace, the answer to “What is a solutions architect?” will be well known. The role is becoming one of growing importance in nearly every industry. Soon, we would guess that a solutions architect will become a regular role alongside other managers.

So what is a solutions architect, and what can one offer your business? Let’s find out!

What Are Solutions Architects?

To define them, solutions architects are professionals who can find space within your project or company where IT can greatly increase efficiency and productivity. Their entire goal is to find the holes in your production line and fill them in with technological solutions. We all know that tech and IT can be a huge help to any business, and these people can tell you exactly how. 

A solutions architect can also act as a bridge between your teams to make sure that everyone is working with the same goal and focus in mind as it pertains to technology. This is a highly vocal position and one that requires a lot of teamwork. Implementation of a new IT plan will require communication and tons of patience. When problems arise, it is the solutions architect that has to solve them and reunify the team.

Duties Of A Solutions Architect

When finding your own answer to “What is a solutions architect?”, you will come across many typical tasks and responsibilities. Whether you hire or work as a solutions architect, there are some common duties you will need to perform.

First off, you have to be a leader. There will be many times when you or your solutions architect will have to delegate tasks or be a rallying point for the team. An example of this is brainstorming meetings and implementation checkups, both regular parts of the job. Controlling the flow of IT usage and making sure that it meets the goals outlined for the project require strong leadership.

Second, comes testing and system creation. Sometimes the answer to the businesses’ IT concerns is not a well-known set of factors. A solutions architect will have to come up with systems and test them for effectiveness with their team. This may even take the form of improving on current but overall ineffective tools. Very experienced SA’s may even hand-make their own programs to facilitate the ultimate solution.

If you are still asking yourself what is a solutions architect then we have the perfect answer for you. WillDom has a world-spanning team of professionals that can help you and your team find perfect IT solutions for any problem or inefficiency you face. With a roster that has professionals from all across the world of tech, your next team member is only a click away. Once you schedule a call with our team, they will find your new team member or advisor faster than any hiring process.

What Is A Solutions Architect Salary

Many who ask “What is a solutions architect?” also want to know how much they can make, or how much their services cost have to pay. Like most professions, this can be a sliding scale based on history and the individual’s resume.

Those who have a lot of experience and have many successes under their belt can see nearly $161,000 a year. On the other hand, newer SA’s typically make mid $70,000 when starting out. The general average however sits at $120,000. The pay for these positions does scale well, often increasing over time in only a matter of years. Especially as demand goes up for these positions, pay will likely increase alongside.

Skills Needed To Be A Solutions Architect

As mentioned before, leadership and communication skills are a must for any solutions architect, but there is much more to the job and many more expectations. Though SA’s will be expected to be leaders and form a good team, there are other necessities many don’t advertise.

A good SA will have to have good business skills and a working knowledge of the project/company. In order to find the best IT solutions, one must know their end goal and mission intimately. Overall, all of the choices a solutions architect makes have to facilitate the end goal and make the journey faster and more efficient. 

As expected from an IT professional, a solution architect should also have extensive knowledge of technology. This is a basis for being able to suggest or implement any real change that would be meaningful to the cause. Instead of just switching to a different service provider, an experienced SA might know pathways and more efficient ways of writing in a special language. They could even know how to outline or build the perfect program to answer a specific need.

Overall, the best answer to “What is a solutions architect?” is that they are a person who can guide your team to an answer in IT. They know how technology can guide a business to success and how to make it efficient.  They can be a massive asset when experienced and allowed to take the proper amount of control. They may even lead your company and your team to new, unimaginable heights. If you want to keep up to date on how we here at WillDom can help, feel free to visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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