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Why Ignoring Software Updates Could Be Costing Your Business Money

May 30, 2023


Why is it important to keep software up to date?

Protecting your business from potential vulnerabilities is essential. Therefore, ignoring software updates to maintain a secure environment is not an option. If your systems have security flaws, hackers won’t hesitate to steal your data, encrypt your files, access financial information, or make your devices useless. 

That’s when software updates become pivotal. When you update your software frequently, you avoid these detrimental consequences.

What Is a Software Update?

Software updates are upgraded versions of existing software. These updates usually improve existing features and can also include new security patches and bug fixes.

In practice, software updates are a protective measure for cyber security. When software vulnerabilities are detected, updates are released to address them.  

Is an update the same as an upgrade?

Updates and upgrades are both related but not the same.

An update addresses issues, enhances stability, and optimizes software functionality. They’re part of ongoing maintenance and support.

On the other hand, an upgrade involves a more significant change. It is a newer version of the software. To access it, you may need a separate license or purchase.

Why Is It Important to Keep Software Up to Date?

Keeping software up-to-date is essential to keep operating systems working efficiently, ensure optimal security, and protect against vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Here’s why you should consider updating your software immediately:

  • A Better Operating System

Updating is one of the most critical parts of performance. A system needs to be updated to handle complex tasks efficiently. If not, it can reduce the productivity of your operations. Additionally, updating will ensure access to the latest features and bug fixes. This will increase your system’s overall performance.

  • Performance Improvements

Maintaining your software’s security is essential for cybersecurity. Still, more than often updates protect your device. They also fix any performance issues identified by the developers. Through new features and program stability, this often results in better overall performance.

  • New Security Features

Advanced security features provide advanced protection against emerging cyber risks and threats. When you install the latest version of a software, you can make sure there are no security holes in your device that could compromise it.

Additionally, staying up-to-date allows you to fortify your systems, protect sensitive data, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

  • Security patches

Security patches are usually included to fix vulnerabilities and weaknesses when there is a software update. Hence, promptly installing updates can reduce the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, or other cybercrimes.

  • Keep malicious software at bay

Cybercriminals constantly develop new malware to exploit security loopholes. Updates often include security improvements and countermeasures to detect, block, or remove malware.

By working with a top provider like WillDom, you can maximize these advantages. With our expert team, your existing systems are seamlessly upgraded, resulting in minimal disruption and smooth transitions.

Don't let cybercriminals gain access to your devices due to outdated software. Instead, learn how to protect yourself from any incoming data breach.

What Are the Costs of Outdated Software?

In most cases, businesses must be aware of the costs of using outdated software. With an obsolete solution, keeping up with industry changes and customer demands is impossible.

Don’t let out-of-date software put your business at risk. Find out what it costs to maintain outdated software and why now is the right time to upgrade.

Business Security Risks

Outdated software shouldn’t be overestimated. Without the latest security updates and patches, your systems become more susceptible to malware and data breaches. 

Business Productivity Losses

Outdated software can result in glitches, crashes, and compatibility problems, affecting your daily operations. Thistranslates into missing out on productivity gains, streamlined workflows, and automation capabilities that have the potential to increase productivity.

Maintenance Costs

When software versions become outdated, you will no longer receive security patches or updates from the service provider, allowing malware to access your data more quickly. If your business has these problems, implementing custom workarounds or hiring third-party consultants may be necessary.

Additionally, outdated software may require specialized resources or hardware, leading to additional expenses.


Using outdated software can lead to non-compliance with data protection regulations. Auditors may fine companies that fail to transition away from unsupported software or legacy systems.

Every company handling employee data or payment card information related to your business transactions is subject to numerous compliance requirements. You may be fined, punished, and damage your reputation if you fail to keep your software up-to-date.

Compatibility Issues

Newer operating systems, hardware, and other software are less likely to support outdated software.

In the best-case scenario, this can disrupt business operations since infected devices can put you on hold, preventing you from continuing business. You also risk losing data stored on obsolete software.

On the other hand, the worst-case scenario is a complete system failure, which compromises your data and productivity and exposes you to cybercrime.

How Does Updating Software Save My Business Money?

Many large and small companies have relied on the same technology for years. It has worked well for them, and it’s what they are familiar with. However, in many cases, you’ll find that using old, outdated technology costs you money.

Here’s why updating your software can help you save money:

  • Regularly updating your software can safeguard your business and ensure adaptation to ever-changing market conditions.
  • Proactively embracing software updates helps you stay ahead of the competition and avoid costly disruptions caused by outdated systems.
  • When your software is outdated, it hinders your business’s ability to meet evolving needs. By updating your software, you enable scalability for your business.
  • Downtime can be caused by outdated software due to crashes, glitches, and compatibility issues. This can be costly. On the other hand, you can prevent downtime when you download software updates.
Don't let your Windows devices have security flaws. With automatic updates, you can protect them.

How to Keep Your Software Up to Date

To ensure your software remains up to date and your business stays ahead of the curve, follow these essential steps:

  • Conduct regular audits: Conduct regular audits to understand the current state of your software and identify areas that need improvement or updating.
  • Enable automatic updates: Keep yourself informed about the latest updates and improvements in the programming language and other technologies used in your software. If possible, set up automatic updates for your software.
  • Communicate your team: Maintain regular communication with the team that developed your software. They can provide you with updates and help you understand when and why updates are necessary.
  • Outsource your software maintenance: Consider outsourcing your software maintenance to a reputable company like WillDom. This will ensure timely updates, security patches, and optimal performance.

With WillDom’s software maintenance services, you can rest assured that you will have highly experienced professionals handle the complexities of software updates on your behalf. Keeping your software up-to-date, secure, and optimized will enable your business to excel. 

To receive a comprehensive software maintenance solution tailored to your specific business requirements, contact WillDom today or on our LinkedIn. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, so you can trust us to handle your software upgrades efficiently.

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